Kirby Morgan Super Lite 17 A Dive Helmet

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Kirby Morgan Super Lite 17 A dive helmet image


Super Lite 17B back view image

The SuperLite® 17 Diver’s Helmet was introduced in 1975.
It was the culmination of all the years of testing and improvements, and set the standard for the commercial diving worldwide
for many years. Thousands of hours have proved the design to be dependable, comfortable, and safe. The 17 continues
to be the most widely used commercial diving helmet in the world.

11″H x 13″ W x 15 1/2″ D          Weight 27 pounds   
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Presented is
the world’s most popular commercial dive helmet, a Kirby Morgan Super Lite Model 17 A which was introduced in
1975 and is still very much in demand. There are more of these helmets in use in the Commercial Diving Industry
than any other, and the US Navy uses it under the designation MK 21.

This helmet
was originally owned by diver Forrest Alden, and finally became part of
the collection of  a second generation deep water diver who had an extensive
collection of dive helmets and anything related to diving.  Originally, all the bright metal, except for the regulator on
the helmet, including the rear brass weight, the carrying handle and the exhaust valve were covered with a factory applied
rubber coating. In tropical waters, this was done so as not to attract sharks and Barracuda. The black coating has mostly
worn off, and the remnants account for its rugged look. However, the inside of the helmet shows as near new, and the neck
dam is in excellent condition. The factory standard color was yellow and in a few instances white so that this green color
is not original. It also has some brand new accessories which are listed below.


  1. Brand new neck dam in unopened original plastic envelope
  2. Original OEM Welder’s shield bracket, no lens
  3. Large rubber “O” ring seal
  4. Original replacement “D” shaped hose clamp
  5. Original replacement rubber flap valve for regulator
  6. Used bracket for lamp
  7. Used OEM diver’s cap
  8. Used diver’s carrying bag imprinted Forrest Alden 
  9. Instructions – neck dam installation
  10. Regulator parts list and schematic (Not pictured)
  11. Small tool kit with two tools (Not pictured)


have not pressure tested the helmet or regulator, but our inspection indicates that beyond the exterior’s signs of years
of use, the interior and the fitted neck dam look to be in excellent condition. There is one screw missing from the face plate
bezel and the lens has numerous thin scratches. The two 90 degree brackets for the welder’s shield and its lens are missing.
The helmet’s carrying bag shows its age and use, but is completely serviceable. The accessories shown above are included.


all used diving gear, this is being sold for DISPLAY ONLY. It should not be dived without having passed inspection by a certified
dive shop.


Kirby Morgan withneck ring installed image
 Left side showing neck dam installed and loss
of  black rubber coating

From the estate of a hardscrabble character and second generation hard hat diver, and the son of a member of
the salvage team of the 17 month project to refloat the French ocean liner Normandie on the Hudson River that completed in
1947. Not only did the deceased have an incredible hard helmet and diving equipment collection, he also, in his lifetime,
managed to assemble an amazing collection of anything related to diving. Originally owned by diver, Forrest Alden.

Inside of Kiby Morgan a 17 A dive helmet image
The inside of the helmet looks to be in very good condition
shown over the Neck Dam

Shortly after Bev Morgan became
a diver, he started designing and making diving equipment. This led to the formation of Kirby Morgan in the early 1960’s
when Bob Kirby and Bev Morgan began to manufacture commercial diving helmets. Bob Kirby sold his interest in Kirby Morgan
to Bev Morgan in 1967. Since then, through constant research and innovation, KMDSI has developed the world’s leading line
of diving helmets and full face masks. All Kirby Morgan designs are manufactured and marketed exclusively by Kirby Morgan
Dive Systems.

company was sensitive to the needs of commercial divers and adopted many of their recommendations which helped the Kirby Morgan
designs become the standard of the commercial diving industry. In the late sixties, the old metal Kirby Morgan Commercial
and Helium “heavy gear” helmets gave way to the Band Mask, Clam Shell, and Semi-Lite line of helmets. Over the years,
Kirby Morgan has designed more than thirty five helmets and masks. Many of the early models are still in use in diving operations
around the world.

it’s history, Quality Assurance has been their top priority. Their QA Inspection procedures greatly exceed
those of an ordinary manufacturer of civilian diving equipment. because of being a military government contractor. Their
SuperLite-17 Helmet has become a standard in the commercial industry world wide, and is also the standard of the U.S.
Navy, being given the Navy model designation MK-21 Helmet. The SuperLite 27 and now the new Kirby Morgan 37 helmets are becoming
the new standard with their O-ring sealed metal neck ring. Their EXO has tested out as having the best demand regulator
in the world.

Kirby Morgan 37, SuperLite 27, and the SuperLite 17A/B Helmets, as well as the KMB 18 and 28 Band Masks, EXO BR Full Face
Mask and SuperFlow Scuba Regulators are all certified and tested according to EN 250/E DIN 58 642 and are fully CE approved
for use in diving operations in European EC compliant countries.

name tags on the first helmets said: Kirby, Commercial Helmet. Later it turned to: R. Kirby, Commercial Helmet, Santa Barbara
KMDSI does not sell diving equipment directly to the end user but only via their worldwide dealer network.

Most but not all of the accesories image
Helmet's carrying bag image
Most of the accessories shown above the helmet’s carrying
Rightside of helmet with neck ring off image
Right side of helmet with the neck ring off showing the
valve assembly


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