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Consigning is a great way for inexperienced sellers to dispose of their treasures through our company and receive the Maximum possible value. We do all the work and have a worldwide reach combined with a proven track record over a ten-year period of achieving outstanding results. Included in our services is all the research, photography, composition, design and layout to present your article in the most professional way possible. And we have a long list of prospects and past customers who are always looking for new things to buy. Then when a sale is made we do all the shipping and if required, the export paperwork to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. The final result is to send you a check for your share of the proceeds which in most cases will exceed your expectations.

TO GET STARTED: If you are SERIOUSLY interested in either selling or consigning an item with us, we need the following:

  • A – Please send us an email with a good description, and statement of condition. Tell us where you acquired the item and any known or documented history.
  • B – Please include a minimum of 4 sharp and clear digitized photographs of the item from at least four angles, plus it’s top and bottom. The images should be reduced to no more than 700 pixels wide. Check to make sure they are in focus before you send them.
  • Email photographs to [email protected].
  • C – Until we have photographs in hand, we cannot discuss anything on the phone without first receiving your relevant information, and photographic attachments. 
  • D – If you intend to sell to us, please have a price in mind when you contact us. The easiest is to at least know what price you would feel would be a good deal.  Or if you want an independent guide, try some of the price reporting services on the internet such as Worthpoint.

Having said all that, be assured that we do look forward to serving your needs as well as our own since our fundamental
interests are the same which is to get you the most money for what you have to sell.


BACKGROUND: From 700 to 1100 people visit our site every day many of whom have questions about something they want to sell. There is an abundance of information there for those willing to take the time to look for it. However, we do not provide information not found on our website which requires research or a professional level of expertise. We do not have the time to take away from our own work to answer questions or give advice on an individual basis without a thought of having an existing business relationship.

For that type of service, we suggest you do a google search and find an appraiser, who in addition to value, will answer all your questions.

TODAY’S WORLD: The new set of world economic conditions has affected rich and poor alike, and all of us are having to adjust our lifestyle and the manner in which we conduct business. There are many thousands of people who are trying to convert family heirlooms and no longer used assets into cash. Those that have something with a nautical bent frequently seek us out for advice, guidance, suggestions, valuations, or anything else they can think of which might help them sell their treasures. In other words, they want to benefit from our expertise, knowledge of the market, and fundamental understanding of the item’s use, so they can sell their items themselves.

is accentuated by the popularity of such TV shows as the Antique Road Show where everything is an exceptional “Find” because that is what the audience wants to see. The same is true of the News Media publishing only the record high prices at auction while disregarding all the items that were passed because of a lack of buyer interest. The truth is that for all the truly magnificent works of marine art, historic edged weapons, rare diving helmets, and so on that you read about, the great majority of those found in the closet or basement are rarely of serious value.

A good example of what is “not a Find” is a vintage C. Plath sextant without some special features
or personal history. Because it has the reputation of being the “Rolls Royce” of sextants, and this is only partially
true, this does not in itself make it a valuable vintage navigation instrument. What is true is that there are thousands of them in varying condition coming out of the woodwork, as there are those of other makers. They are neither rare nor old enough to be considered an antique and are not appealing enough to be considered collectible. If you have one and want to know what it’s worth, check the so called antique sextant category on eBay.

WHAT IS FAIR: Unfortunately,
some people become quite insulted when we tell them that we do not provide appraisal services or express an opinion without first seeing good pictures of the item along with a statement of condition, and when and where it came from. They also do not understand that they must set the price, and if they are unable to do so on their own, they should seek the help of an appraiser, or at least know what price would make them happy. Before even seeing the pictures, and having any other information, this frequently ends up with the prospect saying, “I want a fair price”. We say, OK, tell us what you think is fair, and the answer becomes, “you’re in the business, you tell me what is fair”. This may sound funny, but this happens too often and is not productive.

Please understand that for us to suggest the price at this point when no business relationship exists creates a conflict of interest since we are buyers as well as sellers. And it also ignores that too many of the sellers are interested in obtaining a retail valuation which ignores the spread between retail and wholesale prices. Therefore, the layman so ardently seeks to learn what an item sold for. The problem here is that unless the age, condition, history, make, and model are the same, there can be vast differences in the value of similar items that only a trained expert or a collector can appreciate.

Consequently, we have found it necessary to clearly state what our policies are concerning providing information or buying anything from the public, or taking an item on consignment. They are simple, and the same rules apply to those who have something to sell or those that would like to consign with us. They are outlined above.

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