Civil War 6 pound Signal Cannon on Field Carriage

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Front of the Civil War Signal Cannon
Left front side of Civil War cannon image

Following the
pattern of a Model of 1841
This  rustic antique miniature signal cannon dates from
the Civil War and comes from a famous collection. The workmanship of the carriage looks armory made. 
cannon is an approximately 1/4 scale 6 Pounder on a Field Carriage as used in the Civil War. 

Presented is an iron barreled
signal cannon mounted on a well-aged wood carriage with heavy iron straps and hardware, upon which is mounted an under sized
iron barrel which has the design characteristics of a 6 pounder.
The rig is carried in
its double trail carriage on two very large, iron rimmed wood wheels. There is a drawing of a very similar carriage with the
same linchpin and overall iron strapped design on page 120 of Harold L. Peterson’s book,  “Round Shot and Rammers”,
published by Stackpole Books, 1969.
The 6-pound field gun was a lightweight, mobile piece
that dates back as far as the Revolutionary War and was always a favored field weapon by artillerymen. 

This fine old
cannon is being sold for display purposes only. No attempt should be made to fire it without certification by a

Illustration of Civil War field cannon carriage from Round Shot & Rammers by Peterson image

barrel is unusual because of its small size in relation to the size of the carriage. But this feature makes it all
the more interesting. There are no trunnions. The barrel has a band around the middle which has a shaft attached to its
bottom that goes through the axel and it bends to the rear where it attachés to breech transom. In its current
configuration, there is no means of depressing or elevating the barrel. However, there are two nuts which would serve that
purpose if desired. One is on the top of the cascabal and the other is beneath the axel. This is a quite complex arrangement
and again very interesting to anyone interested in early artillery design. There is a tow ring, a rear third roller wheel
and eye bolts all part of the carriage. The linchpin holding the wheel on is in the shape of a serpent as is shown in the
picture below and also in the illustration of“Round Shot and Rammers” above.

VDetails of the tow ring of the Civil War signal cannon image Picture of one of the wheels showing the linchpin image Picture of the rear of the cannon from the left image




Cannon Length overall 24″               Weight 20

Length barrel                11
1/2″           Bore 1/2″ or 50 Cal
Maximum Width           26″
Carriage  26″ W x 24″ L x  16 1/2″ Diameter wheels 


CONDITION:  The touch
hole is open to the bore. The professionally made wood carriage is in excellent condition and its iron fittings
are accurate to the period. There are iron rims around the wheels. There are the expected marks of age on
the iron which has darkened black and all the wood. There are no foundry marks or inscriptions. There is no method
to adjust elevation except as explained above. 

View of cannon barrel showing the bore Close up of the touch hole of the cannon image



are no markings. The cannon was acquired in the normal course of business and comes from a very large collection of C
ivil War arms, uniforms and accoutrement’s that were acquired over
the last 64 years. They were housed in a private museum.
CARRIAGE: The picture below shows the top and the bottom of the carriage, and the one beneath it is for
comparative size.

Showing the top and bottom of the carriage side by side image

Comparative size of two signal cannons image

SHIPPING will be determined point-to-point.
A rough estimate is $130.00.



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