Old Air Blast – Dive Helmet Ca 1938

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Sand blast helmet front image
A SIEBE GORMAN SMOKE HELMET LOOK-A-LIKE! There is quite some interest
in early smoke helmets and when we found this air blast helmet it reminded us of them. DIMENSIONS:
19″H x 16″ W x 14″ D
Weight 12 1/2 pounds Presented is a
strange looking helmet that was used for air blasting. Some may say it is ugly, but others may think it has rugged good looks.
We think it will make a great conversation piece and could be passed off as a shallow water dive helmet or a smoke helmet
though we think it best to have people guess what it was used for. It comes from the
collection of  a second generation hard hat diver who had a collectors’compulsion of gathering everything he could
related to diving so he obviously took a liking for it and felt it added to his collection of dive helmets.This helmet was made by a
leader in air blasting, Panghorn Corporation, using an aluminum shell over which a vulcanized rubber covering was applied.
This provided light weight and durability. The U.S. Bureau of Mines approved this helmet for use in mines on July 15, 1938.
It was one of a series of abrasive blasting helmets which the company continues to offer.

A 3/4 front view of the left side image A 3/4 view of the right sideimage


A 3/4 view of the right and left sides of old sand blast helmet. CONDITION:  This is an old re-reinforced
rubber helmet and looks to be complete, but we have not tested it. The front port plastic is a new replacement. The accompanying
belt is permanently attached using clamps. The leather is old with numerous surface cracks etc. The base of the helmets show
some minor delamination and leaves black marks on a surface. Like
all used gear, this is being sold for DISPLAY ONLY. It should not be used without having passed inspection by a
certified shop.
Two side views of the helmet, imageRight side of helmet image           Right
and left sides of old sand blast helmet Easily taken for a shallow water or smoke helmet PROVENANCE:
From the estate of a hardscrabble character and second generation hard hat diver, and the son of a member of
the salvage team of the 17 month project to refloat the French ocean liner Normandie on the Hudson River that completed in
1947. Not only did the deceased have an incredible hard helmet and diving equipment collection, he also, in his lifetime,
managed to assemble an amazing collection of anything related to diving. The
end result is that this helmet has a lot of character and makes great starter helmet for those who are looking for
a real helmet that looks expensive at a bargain price. It also may be nice to add to a growing collection.

Inside of sand blast helmet image Back of sand blast helemet image Showing the maker's lable image

Back of helmet showing the air supply and approval
no. BM 1908
Inside of  helmet showing  a lack of vents
Back label reads Pangborn Type DD-4 Helmet…………………Hagerstown,
READ THE SAME: PangbornType
dd-4 Helmet Approval
No. BM 1908 Patent
No. 18881192, 1999633 Pangborn
Corporation Hagerstown,
M.D MAKER’S HISTORY: The Pangborn® Corporation was founded in
1904 when Thomas W. Pangborn developed the process known as sandblasting, which combines compressed air and sand to clean
metal by particle impact. Today, Pangborn designs, manufactures
and markets its products: wheel blast cleaning and shot peening equipment, integrated surface preparation systems, replacement
and aftermarket parts, and service programs throughout the world to industries that prepare the surfaces of metal and other
products. Pangborn’s products are primarily found in manufacturing environments such as foundries, primary metals manufacturers,
automotive related manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, machinery manufacturers and general metalworking.

The leather belt attaches to the helmet image Close-up of leather belt image


Two pictures showing the leather belt  that is
attached to the helmet

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