35 inch Natucket style Artistic Co. carved agle image
Back of Nantucket eagle image



This fine carving of an American Eagle is a
rare NANTUCKETER style made by the Artistic Carving Company, Ca 1950. Their work mimicked that of John Halley Bellamy. This
is a larger size eagle and perfect inside a home or mounted on the exterior.

35″ L x 11″ H x 5″ T
WEIGHT 3 pounds

Presented is
 Nantucketer style eagle, one of the rarest styles
made by Artistic Carving Co. It is so scarce that there was not an example of it at the celebration of the work of John
Halley Bellamy and his followers at the Portsmouth Marine Society in 2014 . It’s larger size makes it ideal
for a family room or den or even over a doorway. 
The detailing
and a wonderful gold polychrome finish and suburb condition makes it show beautifully.  The carving copies
the type of work seen in hand carvings of the mid 19th Century.

Close-up of Nantucket eagle head image.JPG
Close-up of fierce looking eagle head with red tongue and black eyes

of the high prices of America’s premier carver, John Bellamy,  the carvings of the Artistic Carving Company
of Boston, MA have become a less costly alternative. The company operated from the 1850’s to the last quarter of the 1950’s.
There is a steady demand for their work and the prices though much less than for a Bellamy, are still considerable.
Recreations made by the Artistic Carving Company of Boston have been selling
well over the years.  In 2014 their prices fetched from
 $2000 to $7000 at auction, depending
on size and condign, making them m
ore affordable than
the prices of  a John Bellamy eagle.



35 inch Nantucketer style eagel viewed from the left image
35 inch Nantucketer style eagle viewed from the right image
Showing how the Nantucketer eagle looks from ether side and the depth of carving

Excellent, as new

Catalog sheet of the Nantucketer eagle image
Portion of Artistic Carving Catalog sheet  showing the Nantucketer eagle, middle right
Ref. “The American Eagle, The Bold & Brash Life of John Halley Bellamy”
by James A. Craig. Portsmouth Marine Society. Publication 34, 2014
Close-up of Nantucket eagle head image data-cke-saved-src=
Close-up of fierce looking Nantucketer eagle head from the right side


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