David Stalker
Twin Column Ebony Sextant

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David Stalker sextant rare image

Fan shaped Case!

very rare design using two vertical braces (columns) in the Ebony frame rather than the single center brace which was
almost universally adopted. It was made by David Stalker of Leith and has his perfect label on the inside of the cover. The
design features an ebony frame with carefully graduated ivory 

arc and vernier,  bronze fittings and both a sighting tube and telescope. The arc measures from – 5 to plus 105
degrees. This two upright braced frame has a brass index arm measuring 10 3/4 inches long, with an
early style ivory vernier scale, reading from right to left from 0 to 20 arc minutes with magnifier missing, four sun
shades, three horizon shades, an index and horizon mirror and two sighing tubes. The company, located at 6 Commercial
Place, Leith, is listed in Webster’s Registry of Instrument Makers as making octants, compasses and barometers during
the 1860’s.  Only a compass with this name is at the National Museum of Scotland which attests to the scarcity of
his work.

POLISHING is available on this sextant at additional
cost which will elevate it to Presenation Grade.  To inquire about polishing this item, =#000000>click here

Back of Stalker sextant image

all the antique instruments we’ve sold, this is only the second of this style that we’ve oferred!

frame is fitted with a handle and also a collar to hold the telescope or sighting tube which are part of the kit. Note
the endless tangent screw and vernier for fine adjustment.

at auction from a large collection of navigation instruments

The Stalker's maker's name on the cross bar image
name D. Stalker Leith (Scotland)   
Index mirror image

Horizon mirror image

index mirror in near perfect condition over the horizon mirror
David Stalker label image
Closed Stalker sextant case image
David Stalker label over view of the closed sextant case

CONDITION: The instrument, its
ivory name, and graduated arc are in exceptional condition. Both mirrors are in near new condition. The brass hardware is
of high quality and in excellent condition. A mirror adjustment tool is included. Missing is the small magnifier
used to help read the vernier. A telescope and sighting tube are included.
The instrument has only a lightly patina of age. The fan shaped case shows some minor scratches and there
are two prominent age cracks on its cover and a smaller one on its bottom, but it is very sturdy. A web handle is fitted for

Stalker sextant in open case image

above shows the instrument and accessories housed in its case


  • Arc reads – 5 to +105 degrees

  • Length of index arm 10 3/4″

  • Radius of index arm
    9 3/4″

  • Width of frame at arc   9″

  • Index mirror
    46 x 26 mm

  • Horizon mirror      21 x 16 mm

  • Four index shade

  • Three horizon shade glasses

  • One

  • One sighting tube

  • Adjustment wrench

Weight    2
Lbs  6 oz  In Case  5 Lbs 3 oz

states $45.00

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