Antique Breech Loading Ship’s Deck Cannon Miniature

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Iron breech loader deck cannon of WW I or earlier image
Breech loading deck cannon at zero elevation image

 Shown above in the elevated and
zero elevation. This high quality cannon replicates the design of an American breech loading deck gun used 100
years ago or more with an iron barrel and brass furniture. It comes from an upscale collection!

Presented is a carefully made, but unmarked, iron barrel breech loader which we believe was designed
to fire 12 gauge blank shot gun shells. The barrel is not rifled, but the breech has finely machined interlocking interrupted
threads. The swivel yoke and the base are castings. The rim of the base has four mounting holes. There is an adjustable recoil
cylinder under the trunnions. A knurled thumb screw allows for limited adjustment in  elevation from minus 4 to plus
10 degrees. The design reminds us of early 5″ 38 caliber deck guns that were used on numerous classes of U.S. Navy warships.
The lanyard is a recent

K. Brown’s extensive cannon collection was auctioned after his death in 1962. It was comprised of miniature and full scale
cannons. Prices then were 1/10th of what the ordinance would bring today. Among the many fine examples was a pair of swivel
guns somewhat similar to this one. They were dated to 1840 and priced at $850.00 for the pair as shown below.


PAPER LABEL: There is a small label on
the inner surface of the mount that reads: 8/83, 600, Newport R.I., Gains on three lines.

cannons like this were made for for actual use by the military so that gunners could learn the theory and practice of their
ordinance. The foundry used the miniatures as an example of its work.  There are no foundry markings on this
example, but it clearly was made in one.

Picture of the closed beech on this cannon image
Partial top view of the breech loader image

This cannon is being offered for display only and should not be fired unless inspected by a gunsmith

Cannon viewed from the left back image
Cannon showing the threads of the open breech image


Cannon Length overall   26 1/2    Bore 3/4″ or 18.5 mm = 12 gauge
Length Barrel    26 1/2″  Maximum diameter of
tube  1 3/4″ 
Dia. At 1st step 1 1/2″  at 2nd step 1 3/4″     Weight of cannon 21 pounds

Showing bore of open breech image

PROVENANCE: Acquired in 2005 from a private collection of quality miniature
cannons and now new to the market.

CONDITION:  The patina runs the range from brown to black
with small surface pitting. The bore has no lands and as would be expected is dirty, but there is no rust in the
chamber or tube. The brass work at the hinge and the trunnions has a soft natural patina. The lanyard is a recent replacement.
The cannon cocks and fires as it should, but we have not tried to fit a 12 gauge cartridge in the chamber.

This  fine example is being sold for display purposes only. No attempt should be made to fire it
without inspection by a gunsmith.


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