Fancy Carved Wood Boat Tiller Antique Reproduction

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Fancy contemporary carved wood tiller in form of three strand rope with monkey fist image
Other side of monkey fist three starnd rope carved wood tiller image


PRICE 575.00 plus shipping to 48 contiguous
States $55.00


Dimension: 43 1/2″ L x 12 3/4″ Cir.
 x 3″ x 2 1/4″ Taper                          
                     Weight:  4
lbs. 7 oz.


We rarely offer reproductions,
but this tiller, a copy of very expensive examples which most people can’t afford or many others wouldn’t know about
is an exception, because so few of them are seen. It is a handsomely
carved wood small yacht or launch
tiller following the English tradition of the last decade of the 1800’s when fancy carved wood steering tiller’s were
in style. 

It is hand
carved in the form of a three strand hemp line (rope) with a monkey fist at the forward end. The aft end is in the form of
a four sided wedge tapering to approximately a two inch rectangle. The rear section slides into the rudder head.  The
only thing that gives the authenticity of this tiller away, is the type of wood used which is a form of English
pine. Otherwise, it looks and feels to be the real thing which would sell for $2500.00 and up as is shown by the two carved
tillers below.

The upper picture
is of a tiller sold by James D. Julia in 2006 to a famous Connecticut antique dealer and the lower is currently offered by
the upscale Cape Cod marine dealers, Janice Hyland & Alan Granby.

Carved wood tiller with snake head sold by JamesD. Julia in 2006 image

   The upper tiller by James D. Julia sold in 2006. The lower, is currently offered by Hyland Granby

the wood is In overall excellent condition, but there are some scrapes and scratches, and a small gouge on the end .
There also are a few places where the varnish has worn through.

Top view of carved wood three starnd tiller image

Top view of contemporary three strand carved wood tiller with monkey fist


Close-up of carved wood monkey fist image
Wedge shaped end of carved wood tiller image
Close-up views of the monkey fist and the wedge shaped rudder end

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Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USVI, Vanuatu (New Hebrides) and the Eastern Caribbean.

interesting reproduction of a fancy 19th Century caved wood tiller will appeal to someone who is looking for something
unusual in replicating an old marine relic!

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