Naval Officers
Non Regulation
Eagle Head Sword Ca 1835

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Ca 1835 – 1842

Naval Officers Ca 1835 Eagle Head Sword image

As Documented in Numerous Reference Books!

is an American treasure, an outstanding example of a naval officer’s sword with pipeback blade, which was the type
of weapon that was carried by senior officer’s that could afford the finest. This one has an non-naval scabbard
which has two carrying rings and brass mounts and is 3/8″ shorter than the blade. It is in otherwise excellent condition.
The hilt is covered in white sharkskin, with small losses near the base of the head. There are five wraps of intricate
three strand wire made in the form of a tight spring the length of the grip. There are only a few small nicks on the cutting
edge, and there are no maker’s marks or other engravings.

The pierced
obverse guard features a large left facing American eagle standing on the stock of a non-fouled anchor. On the reverse, the
fold down and simple small counter guard is missing. All the brass work was originally glided, but this has worn off
over the last 180 years.

stunning eagle head pommel has a full back strap with feathers extending to the wide ferrule. The hilt
is tight with the blade. The cross guard has a single quillion in the form of an acorn, typical of American Naval swords.  None
of the gold wash remains on the hilt.

The slightly curved blade is 29 7/8 long by 1″ wide and 5/18″ thick and without any engravings or maker’s mark.
The entire sword is 35 1/4″ long overall and 38 1/2″ long in the scabbard. Out of the scabbard, it weighs 1 lb.
13 3/4 oz.  In the scabbard, it weighs 2 lbs. 10 5/8 oz.

Between 1840 and 1852, there
was a maximum of 165 active duty captains and commanders serving in the US Navy. These were the ranking officers who could
afford the luxury of a nonregulation sword, so very few of this design were made and fewer still have survived.

new custodian of this article of naval history will find discussions and pictures of it in numerous reference works.

Napoleonic Edwardian Period Horse Headbard image
Various reference works featuring the naval
eagle head sword Ca 1835

include; Peter Tuite’s exceptional 2004 work, “U.S. Naval  Officers Their Swords & Dirks” on page 57;
on page 34 of “Small Arms of the Sea Services, 1972” by  Colonel Robert Rankin, USMC; and on page 98 of, “American
Swords of the Philip Medicus Collection, 1998” by Norman Flayderman to mention only a few.

Formerly owned in succession by two Floridian collectors of antique edged weapons.

Obverse hilt of the naval officers eagle head sword Ca 1835 image
Reverse hilt of the naval officers eagle head sword Ca 1835 image

Both sides of the hilt of the naval officers eagle head sword 

The black leather is in remarkable condition with only
a slight loss of the finished leather. All the leather is tight along the seam at the back with just a little scuffing or
degradation. The metal work is edged with simple geometric designs that may have been gilded. There are two carrying rings
and an ornate throg on the the throat band. 

The front of the guard of the eagle head naval officers swprd Ca 1835 image
The rear of the pommel showing the tang image

The front and rear of the guard. Note the tang

The ponty end of the blade image
The center section of the blade image
The entire blade of he eagle head naval officers sword Ca 1835 image

sectiond of the versa pipeback blade

Showing the missing counter guard of the eagkle head sword image

View of acorn, large ferrule, and missing counter guard

The obverse of the scabbard image

The front and back showing the scabbard’s
seam and hardware


In addition to what has been described elsewhere, the blade and hilt
are tight. The blade has turned light grey with age. It has a few small nicks along the cutting edge which is sharp. The
scabbard is in surprisingly good condition with little loss and the seam tight. There is an ornate throg to
attach to a belt. The metal work show some dents and evidence of use.



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