Large American Brig Rigged Ship
in Bottle of Quality

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Port side of vintage American brig rigged ship model image
starboard side of vintage American brig rigged model image

Signed & Dated, High Quality! 

This vintage model of a 19th Century brig rigged sailing
vessel flying the American flag is housed in a gallon jug. It is patterned after the type of trading vessel
that plied the world’s oceans. The studding sails add a touch of authenticity rarely, if ever, seen
on a ship in a bottle model.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length Overall  13 3/4″       Model 6″ L x
4 1/2″ H x 3/4″ W               
Bottle 12″ x 6 1/4″
     Stand 12″ x 5″
x 2 1/2″ x 3/4″      
Weight 3 Lbs.  12 oz.                   ;   
Base Signed R. Rowley, Seattle, May 1986


a miniature replica of a black hulled two masted sailing vessel with four square sails on the foremast and
fore and aft rig on the mizzen. From her bow sprit aft she flys a flying jib, followed by a jib and then a forestaysail.
The square sails on the foremast from the deck up, are foresail, gallant, top gallant and royal. Between the masts
are staysails named for the square sail such as the royal staysail, top gallant staysail, etc. In addition to the high
quality build, what makes this model stand apart from others of this genre are the boomed extensions to the yards which
carry the studding sails. This feature is in addition to the attention to detail paid to the decks, cleats, blocks, houses,
separate rudder, realistic sails, intricate running and standing rigging, and finish.

gallon jug is mounted on an equally detailed and complex stand which is trimmed in fancy rope work consisting of complex Turks
heads and flemishing trim, all with a varnish coating which is fitting of such a magnificent model.


Overhead view of the sails and rigging of the model image

You likely will not find another one of a kind model with this degree of authenticity
and quality.

he most common method is using a ‘flat pack’ approach which incorporates pivoting masts
with their rigging which are hinged and lay flat. The masts are constructed in several sections and connected
to the hull via small wooden hinges at their base. The yards were turned to be parallel with the masts. This allowed
them to rotate through 90 degrees so that they lay in line with the masts along the centerline of the hull. The rigging
was then affixed or allowed to pass through small holes drilled in the spars and hull was hinged. The stand was likely set
in place first and then the rest placed on top of it. This method enabled the model to be constructed in a collapsed – almost
flat – state, so it could pass through the narrow neck of the bottle stern first. The whole rig was erected
by pulling the rigging through a series of guide holes, either down through the hull towards the bow or through and under
the bowsprit. Finally, the excess rigging was cut off at the bowsprit and trimmed as required. This model features rarely
seen studding sails which are an extension on both sides of the yards because of its added complexity.

Stern view of American brig rigged model image
 Showing the details of the deluxe quality stand                                       

Don’t be lured by the cheap machine made models that are made by the thousands in China and Viet Nam factories that
are avaiabe on the internet for as little as $24.95. A model such as this one of a kind work of art takes
a minimum of 50 hours to complete, and is priced for the discriminating buyer who can appreciate its value.

Starboard side view of the stern of the American brig model image
Starboard side view of the bow of the American brig model image
                     Starboard view from the stern and bow of the American brig in a bottle                 

CONDITION: In like new condition with no faults

Maker's signature and date on the American brig rigged ship in a bottle image
        Signed and dated on the base


This  ultra fine vintage
American made model of a brig rigged sailing ship is perfect for the discriminating collector or as an important gift.

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