Continental Navy Black Powder Signal Cannon Replica

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Left side view of the Continental Navy 24 pounder signal cannon replica imageSmaller size cannons such as this were used to signal other ships to
pass orders and information, to
salute other vessels in passing, to sound a mutiny, and in time of fog, as a distance off signal. Presented is an high quality cast bronze cannon of the type that was on the gun decks of ship’s of the line during the time of the War of 1812 and earlier.  In a simplified form, it replicates the 24 pound cannons on frigates of the Continental Navy such as the USS Constitution. This example has some marks of the period on the barrel which are given in a following paragraph. The USS Constitution was a flush deck Frigate, the equivalent to the British Sloop of War – She mounted 32 Twenty Four pound long guns and 20 Thirty Two pound carronades on her single gun deck. She was said to have carried two signal cannons similar to this design. Pictured below is the slightly elevated tube with the aiming block moved aft.
Right side view of Continental Navy 24 pound signal cannon replica image
This cannon is being offered for display only and should not be fired unless inspected by a gunsmith!
The barrel has been recently polished and makes for a dramatic display. There is a prominent touch hole just forward
of the reinforcing ring before the chamber. About ten years ago cannons similar to this were made by a foundry in
Argentina at prices of $3500.00 and up for a size larger than this. However, nothing is found on the internet that relates to that source today.Side view of Continental Navy 24 pounder tube image
The shipboard style wood carriage is a recent creation, and its steel chain and grommet fittings with banded wheels duplicate those used in the 18th Century. The cannon’s bore is steel lined, but there is no accumulation of black powder residue or rust on the steel liner. This shows there is no evidence of it being fired. Overall, the recently made tube has the characteristics of cannons of this period and type which include:

Prominent cascabal knobReinforced chamberCenter line trunnionsTrunnion capsAuthentic shipboard style wood carriage Aiming wedge A low location of the trunnions would date the tube’s design to 1725. After 1725, with the introduction of the
Cronstedt system, the trunnions were located at the mid level of the inner chamber as with this gun, they are
placed at the central position.
Looking down on the 24 pounder signal cannon image
This cannon is being offered for display
only and should not be fired unless inspected by a gunsmith.

Markings on the barrel include .83 bore &; 1810 date
Below there is a Broad arrow signifies British military which points at a heart  that
is likely the inspector’s mark
Over numeral .83 is the diameter of the bore
Aft of the chamber 1810 is the date made
Lastly Black Powder
Continental Navy 24 pound signal cannon carriage image
Details of the ship style carriage:
Width, front reinforcing band at muzzle  1 1/2″
Weight Barrel 12 lbs
14 3/4″ LOA x 12″ W x 8 1/4″ Height
Weight of carriage 17 lbs Total WeightCONDITION: This factory made recreation may have been made bya foundry in Argentina that specialized in period reproductions about ten years ago. No current information has been found. It is equal in quality to the most expensive that we have seen in cannons of this type. The aiming wedge is present. The trunnions are cast as part of the barrel at the center section of the barrel, and the bore is clear to the touch hole. There are various markings on the barrel which have been explained. The cannon has not been fired and should be inspected by a licensed gunsmith before hand. However, it is being sold only for display.
Partial view of bore of Continental cannon image
This cannon is being offered for display only and should not be fired unless inspected by a gunsmith.

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