U.S. Navy Shallow Water Miller-Dunn Style 3 Divinhood

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Helmet shown quarter front viewDimensions of Helmet: 25” H x 11 1/2″ W x 12” D

Total Weight: 37 pounds

Presented is 4 light Miller-Dunn U S Navy Divinhood Style 3 shallow water Dive Helmet. Although they made these for commercial use, this one was made by Miller-Dunn specifically for the Navy. The Style 3 design improved on the visibility of the Style 2, and was more strongly built,. It was also more comfortable to wear due principally to the extended shoulders and the increased visibility afforded by the additional three ports.

The helmet is complete in all respects, and in the same configuration delivered to the Navy. It does not have the weights attached, but as they can be ordered, we are leaving that acquisition up to the buyer. The helmet is in pristine condition with only minor dents indicating use. It has been polished and lacquered for dramatic display.

This style helmet is one of the most rugged looking of all diving helmets and is a favorite of collectors. And is a good place to begin a collection.
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Maker’s Tag

Inside helmetInside Helmet Maker’s Label reads:
Navy Standard
U.S. 1195973 – 1595908 and Foreign Patents
Miami, FLA
CONDITION and MARKINGS: The helmet has been polished and lacquered for dramatic display with only a minor amount of dents and scratches that one would expect for its age and use. The glass in the ports are in good condition and appear to be original to the helmet. This helmet has not been modified, and it is just as it was originally made for the U.S. Navy.

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The Miami, FL. company was founded around 1914 with a focus on shallow water diving using helmets and simple equipment that did not require special training. Its first helmet of consequence, was the No 1 Divinhood first introduced around 1915 which was quickly adopted for use in all forms of shallow water work. The original design was simplicity in its most fundamental sense. This was followed by the No. 2 Divinhood which became the U.S. navy’s official shallow water diving apparatus, and was part of the ships gear on many naval vessels.
In 1939, just before the onslaught of WW II, the No. 3 Divinhood was introduced. It was used by commercial and navy divers worldwide for shallow water work.
During the first days of World War Two, only Morse, and then Schrader, were making dive helmets for the Navy. DESCO and Miller-Dunn went into production around 1943 with DESCO becoming the number one producer, and Miller-Dunn making the least. In total only about 7,000 MK V helmets were produced by all four companies during the war years. After the war, the need for helmets decreased dramatically due in part to the large surplus of helmets finding there way to the salvage equipment market. The business of Miller-Dunn was adversely affected and the company ceased operations sometime in the 1960’s.
front side of helmetFront Side
Back side of helmetBack Side
left side of helmetLeft Side
Right side of helmetRight Side

This helmet is for display only, and should not be dived unless certified by a competent diving shop.

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