A Natural Wood FinishCarved American Eagle by Artistic Carving Co.

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Beautiful Natural Wood Finish


American eagle by Artistic Carving Co. in natural wood finish

Presented is an outstanding example of a carved American eagle

with painted shield and arrows 

Price: $2500.00                  Shipping: $95.00

Sale Price: $1800.oo


Back of Carving

This fine Artistic Carving Co. American Eagle is resplendent in its original natural wood finish. As these are usually painted gold, this is the first one we’ve seen with this finish.
DIMENSIONS: 45 ” L x 16” H x 5” D
WEIGHT  9 lbs.

Presented is an outstanding example of a carved American eagle which is in pristine condition. It was made by the Artistic Carving Company in Boston in the 1950s and the detailing is excellent. Over the years there have been many carvers of American eagles, but the two most widely known are those carved by John Bellamy who was the best known carver in his day. Bellamy’s work commands prices that only the very rich can afford. For example, In the Summer of 2005, a Bellamy eagle brought $600,000 in a Portsmouth auction. There has been a moderation of prices since then, but a 26-inch eagle can still bring in the mid-five figures.

The other enduring maker was the Artistic Carving Company which started operation in the late 1800’s and continued into the 1950’s. The pictures that follow show the fine condition of this example.
American eagle by Artistic Carving Co. in natural wood finishClose-up of the Head


The eagle has heavily incised feathers on fully spread wings, and the fierce-looking head with a glaring white eye. As stated previously, this is in its original natural wood finish, with the Federal Shield painted in red and gold stripes and Navy blue with a gold star. and the first one we’ve encountered like this. The red-painted open beak is turned right. The eagle’s right talon holds two arrows. There are some minor scuff marks around the beak, and there is a small piece of wood missing on the end of the right-wing.Close-up of the Wing

BACK STORY: Ron Bourgeault, the well-known New England auctioneer reminisces by saying, ” At a very young age I would go with Hyman Webber to the Artistic Carving Company in Boston to buy eagles reproduced by the company. For youth, the experience of watching a large carving machine turn out numerous heads and bodies was wonderful. The workmen would then assemble the pieces, put a few finishing touches on the carvings, then, paint, and antique each one. We would load up the green pickup truck and head back to Hampton, New Hampshire. Since it was soon after World War II, there was a market for these patriotic symbols. We sold them for what they were, starting at $35.00 for the small ones”. Today, this company’s larger eagles will currently sell for about $7000.00.
DESCRIPTION: Heavily incised feathers on fully spread wings, the fierce-looking head with glaring eye. The open beak is turned right. The eagle’s right talon holds two arrows while its left talon holds a Federal shield with one star showing on a blue field. The shield has seven vertical red and eight gold stripes. All else is in its original natural wood varnished finish
CONDITION: This eagle must have always been indoors and shows as new. There are only a couple of minor scuff marks around the beak and a small missing chip at the end of the right-wing.
Original Artistic Carving Co. catalog sheet of this eagle

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