Description:Huge and stately telescopic instrument with geared pedestal on an enormous brass and wood tripod or pillar. Fitted with a spotting scope. Focal tube is engraved “Ross – London. Ross, a London based optics company founded in 1830, was one of the foremost lens manufacturers of its day. This is a reproduction one of their very fine telescopes.

Main Scope: 40″
Height on Tripod without extension: 38 ½”
Possible extension: another 23″

As a reproduction, the optics of this piece are not of the best quality. They do focus, but not as clearly as one by the Ross company. The actual Ross instrument of this kind would sell for between $4000 to $10,000. This reproduction is priced accordingly.

This instrument has been polished and lacquered for dramatic display. The wood inserts in the legs have also been refinished. As it stands, it is a dramatic and stunning accent piece for any decor.

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