Presented is an authentic 12 bolt, 4 light DESCO Navy MK V diving helmet with matching numbers. It appears never to have been dived
and has the even pewter coloring typical of DESCO’s electrosatically applied protective tin coating.  The stand is not
included.CONDITION and MARKINGS: This is in near new condition. It has one shallow dent on the top of the left side
looking from the front and one very small sharp dent on the left top. There are some minor scuff marks and scrapings, none
of any consequence. It is being offered as a display item only, and should not be used for any other purpose unless certified
by a competant diving shop.The serial number appears
on the inside of the bonnet’s neck ring. All the air passages inside are intact, and all the moveable parts work freely.The oval shaped brass name plate
has serial number 332 and 7-01-03 stamped on. Contrary to some belief the MK V came from the different manufacturers with
three different shaped tags. They were the rectangular tag made in both brass and lead and the oval shaped made in brass.
The chest plate weighs 24.5 pounds, the helmet 32 pounds, for a total of 56.5 pounds.
Inside Bonnet

DIVING: DESCO was first organized
in 1937 in Wisconsin under the name Diving Equipment and Salvage Co.
Its founders included a professional deep water diver, a Hollywood producer specializing in underwater photography
and a medical doctor who was a research scientist at MarquetteUniversity. This team successfully worked together in developing a deep
water diving suit combined with a helium oxygen breathing mixture which resulted in Desco divers setting twi successive deep
water records of 420 and 550 feet. World War II brought large
Navy contracts for diving equipment to DESCO. They included not only conventional hard-hat
gear for the navy, but also the design, development and manufacture of an oxygen rebreather, known as the “B Lung. By V-J
Day, DESCO was producing more diving equipment than any other company in the world.In 1946 the company as sold
to another group of Milwaukee businessmen and changed its
name to Diving Equipment and Supply Co., Inc. After the Korean War, which again brought an increase in U.S. Navy contracts
and orders, the ownership changed hands several times and has since concentrated on the design and manufacture of commercial
and U.S. Navy diving equipment.In 1968 it moved to its present
address at 240 North Milwaukee Street
in Milwaukee. Today, DESCO continues providing quality diving equipment.

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