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Presented is a recreation of a very rare Ca 1896
C.E. Heinke three light, twelve bolt, Pear Diver helmet. Heinke started business in England in 1820 and was a major factor
in the diving industry until 1957 when it was acquired by Siebe Gorman. Contemporary Heinke helmets sell for $7500 to $8500
with older versions selling for considerably more. This helmet is made from copper and brass. Its front port opens and all
moveable parts operate. The bonnet is mounted on the breast plate using interrupted threads and turns freely. There is a lever
and adjustable nut on the back to lock the bonnet in position and keep the helmet from turning. The brales and tag have the
proper markings, and there are air vents inside. For a helmet of this type it weighs a heavy 25 pounds. It is being sold for
display only.
DIMENSIONS: 18″ H x 13 1/2″ W x 14 3/4″ D            
Weight 25 lbs
THE BRALES READ: Front, C.E. Heinke & Co, Submarine
Engineers, London, Patent
This is the perfect helmet for display
in your den, office or boardroom
Maker’s tag
     Inside helmet – air vents
Breast plate
  Heinke Pear Diver helmet in use, Ca 1896
CONDITION: The helmet is in good condition with
all moveable parts working. There are a couple of creases on the top which add a degree of authenticity to its looks.

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