Presented is a vintage German Draeger also spelled
Drager, diving helmet from the 1950’s which is in excellent condition overall. This is an air supplied helmet referred
to as Style DM 20 meaning that air is supplied from a surface pump rather than using attached tanks in which the air
is recirculated as is done in Draeger’s DM 40 model. In this helmet, the air vents from a central location next to the
front port so do not expect to see ducting as in other designs.

Air vent bulge

Serial numbers

Maker’s stamp
CONDITION overall is excellent considering its years
of service. It has two minor faults. The glass in the right port has a crack which is hardly noticeable. And, the
serial number on the bonnet does not match the number on the breast plate. It is said this is fairly typical since the
German diver’s and service shops do not pay particular attention to keeping the two together. Like all our helmets, this
is being sold for DISPLAY ONLY. It should not be dived without having passed inspection by a certified dive ship.


BRIEF HISTORY: The Draeger company of Lübeck,
Germany commenced operations in 1909 as a manufacturer of gas valves, firefighting equipment, and mine safety devices plunges
into making dive gear. In 1912, the company created a self-contained dive system combining a “hard hat” style helmet
with a backpack containing compressed oxygen. Over the next few years, Draeger won numerous patents for diving
equipment. They are still in business today making helmets that look more like for space exploration than diving.


19″H x 17 1/2″ W x 18 1/2″ D
Weight 37 1/2 pounds


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