A very rare and tiny classic  ship’s bell clock in
immaculate original condition and keeping perfect time. Perfect for a superior collection or for use on shipboard 

Presented is a near perfect example of
a Chelsea Cock Co., marine ship’s bell clock, Ser. No. 510577 dating the clock to Ca 1950. The serial number on
the case and movement match. This is a exceptional ship’s clock keeping time with my quartz wristwatch, and the
bells ring in proper sequence. It has a tiny 3 1/2 inch 12 hour silvered brass dial in near new original condition,
black spade hands, and no seconds hand. It is housed in a heavy weight 4 1/2 inch forged brass case with
a decided yellow cast is 3 1/2 inches deep. The bezel is screw type and has some small nicks and dings. The design of
this mini-clock dates back to at least 1918, and its movement is similar to the patent issued June 5, 1900, and Aug 29, 1911.

CHELSEA is etched in black upper case letters
above the six o’clock position with Ship’s Bell under. It has a 8 day time only movement with an 9-jeweled escapement which
appears new, and may account for its good timekeeping. The serial number indicates it was made between 1935 and 1939. It
weighs almost 4 pounds. Chelsea key included.
 Nearly unblemished dial
        Hammer & Serial Number Ca 1950
EXCEPTIONS: Because of its small size do
not expect the bells to ring with the force and clarity of larger clocks, and because of the tightness inside, it may
need some tuning after shipping. However, this is offset by it near original condition and unusual shape accentuated by the
case’s depth.
The larger clock shown below is for size comparison and
is not included.

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