PRESENTED is a very rare three legged dolphin
binnacle, that is only seen in museums and the most exclusive of private collections.  Very few three legged dolphin
binnacles have survived, and those that exist are hidden away in highly specialized collections as in the Trophy
Room of the New York Yacht Club where there is one on each side of the Grand Fireplace, and at the New Bedford Whaling Museum
which also has two. The Peabody Essex Museum has none.
We received from England copies of Heath & Co. Binnacle and
Compass Price List, and catalog pages illustrating four ship size and three smaller craft binnacles of this design and
their respective prices. The ship size binnacles range in size from 36″ to 47″ in height. The only difference in the Heath
binnacle and this one is the type of lamp used in the two towers. Theirs has a handle.
An extraordinary find for some one who is seeking the rare
and unusual.
THE BINNACLE: is a classic three legged Renaissance
dolphin binnacle. They are so rare they are not often pictured in books on nautical antiques. It has three
Renaissance style cast bronze legs in the form of a classic dolphin with raised tail. The hood has twin castle
tower kerosene burners, one on each side, flanking a large oval shaped glass viewing port. The two burner housings are present,
but the burners are missing which is not unusual with old binnacles. There are some minor dents and abrasions from years
of use at sea, but this is to be expected. The brass compass tub, and its cover are mounted on the very heavy three
legged bronze base which in turn is mounted on a wood base of classic Greek design. There ar are no marks identifying the
make, but it easily could have been made by the British firm Heath & Company whose operations date from
1845 and  were appointed as suppliers of navigation instruments
to the Admiralty, the
War Office, Trinity House and others.
  Three magnificient cast bronze dolphins

Two original burner towers

Side View
                   Early Dry
Card compassl
Height 49 inches with wooden base
Wooden base 4 1/2 inches
Maximum width  23 inches  
Compass Bowl diameter 8 1/4″
Card diameter
PROVENANCE: This binnacle was owned by a world famous
collector, and published author of marine artifacts, since 1988 and was exhibited both in his public museum, and later
his private collection. He purchased it ifrom a collector who had owned it for  twenty preceding years. The binnacle
was disassembled and carried as hand baggage on a flight back to the United States. The name of the previous owner will be
given to the buyer.
THE COMPASS is a very old dry card compass mounted
on mica. It beautifully made and housed in a glazed, ornate all brass case. The paper card, mounted on
mica, has a fancy fleur-de-lis at the north point over an ornate circular design. The card is divided  into eight
Cardinal Points, each of 45 degrees, and then into 1/8 and 1/16th points. Each point subtends an arc of 11 1/4 degrees
comprising in total 360 degrees of the compass. It rests on a brass pivot. The compass shows some degradation and
may have been originally a telltale design. The card is 7″ inches in diameter. It is without markings and may not
be the original.
This is a historic binnacle which is
rarely found even in books on nautical antiques, and only a few museums have them on display.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

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