With Electric Motor and Running Gear


PRESENTED is a kit built model of what appears
to be one of the World War One “Splinter Boats” that saw dual service both as sub chasers (SC) and mine sweepers. They were
normally crewed by 23 enlisted men and two officers and were known for their rough riding and rolling due to their long slender
hull. These wooden hull vessels were built from 1917-1919 for the US Navy and the French Navy During WW I. During 1917-1919
there were 3 contracts with 38 different builders, totaling 427 hulls.
They had a displacement of 75 tons normal and 85 tons fully loaded.
Their length was 110′ with a beam of 14′ 8″, and a fully loaded draft of 5 feet 8″. Three 220 H.P. Standard gasoline engines
gave them a full speed of 16-17 kts. They had a patrol range of 900 miles at 10 kts, carrying 2400 gallons of fuel.
The crew complement was 23/2.

Armament consisted of one 6 pounder and 2 machine guns. Not all boats were armed the
same and the majority had one 3-inch (23 cal.), two Colt machine guns and one Y-gun. Some carried extra 6 pounders. All were
equipped with depth charges.


THE MODEL: The model appears to have been made from a kit. It replicates many of the design features of the WW I Class
of 110 footers, but is different in some minor respects. The model does not have the bridge wings that were standard, and
has a smoke stack which was not. Also, the sheer has a low bulwark where the standard 110 footers were flush decked.
Otherwise, the resemblance is remarkably similar. It is possible that the model is of a vessel that was a predecessor to the
110 Foot Class. In the early Navy’s days, many variations in design are known to have existed in the small boat fleet,
but  there is little information available.
Comes complete with custom stand that has an
engraved brass plaque that reads
“WW I Minesweeper”.
and Sweeping winch
          Starboard midships section
and boat
    6 Pound gun, Pilot House, and Engine House
    Disassembled. The electric motor in blue
MODEL CONSTRUCTION: Made by an experienced builder
from a kit which included an electric motor and the necessary battery holders, speed control, shaft, propeller and other
running gear. It is constructed mostly of wood, with some metal parts such hatches, two ladders, the beautiful
cast bronze propeller, shaft, various blocks, a towing machine aft. The rigging made of sail maker’s yarn. This model is exceptional
because of the near exactness of its 49:1 scale, and the extensive attention to detail.
The hollow hull is fitted out with a battery compartment under the
pilot house, and an engine room under the trunk cabin, The hull is made from carved wood. The ship has all the deck detail
of the original starting with an anchor davit, twin capstans, and 6 pound cannon on the foredeck, a raised bridge with
metal access ladders port and starboard, and then engine compartment with smoke stack over. Next aft is her mast with boom
for launching the ship’s boat and finally a companion way hatch which has a speed control along side. There is a highly detailed
towing winch on her fantail with two sets of double bollards on the centerline,
and two single bollards on each quarter. Passageway doors are cast in metal with excellent detailing, one amidships
on each side and one aft.
Th The large cast bronze propeller and the fully
embroidered American flag add further realism.
CONDITION: The model is estimated to be approximately
75 years old. It is in exceptional “original” condition. Expect to see some minor age wearing of the paint. The only exceptions are
that the top of the main mast was broken years ago and when glued back is not exactly straight. There also is some running
rigging missing from the boom. Even though all the parts and wiring seem present no attempt was made to install a single “C”
type battery and try to run the electric motor.  None of this distracts from the over all exceptional looks and
workmanship of this great looking model.
Model 27″ L x 16″ H x 3 3/4″ W             
Weight 10 pounds
OUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION: If not completely satisfied
with your purchase it may be returned if without damage, within three days of receipt in its original condition and packaging.
Return items must be insured for their full value. A prior email authorization by us for the return is required. Unfortunately,
no refund can be made for the cost of shipping, packaging and handling unless we are at fault.
International buyers welcome, but inquire first. We
have satisfied customers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany,
Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Martinique, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Nova Scotia,
Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, USVI and the Eastern Caribbean.

For the discriminating collector. Buy
this outstanding relic of our maritime heritage Now! What a great addition to your office, den or family room.


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