PRESENTED is an authentic British bell, with iron
“hammerhead” clapper, and bell rope. There are various imprints and the royal crown of Queen Elizabeth on top attesting
to its service in some branch of the government. If it were a military bell, there would be a Broad Arrow mark which there
is not. There are some other marks whose meaning is unknown. For example 12/52 which might be the date, but can also mean
number 12 of 52. A cartouche with SCC 7 could mean any one of a number of things.

The bell has a magnificent bluish green patina of age which gives it a majestic look. The flange
and two rings at the bottom are smooth, and the area above them has an unusual textured surface. The bracket shown was
added by us to allow for easy mounting.

You can tell this is the real McCoy by it nicely sculptured shape,
good wall thickness, markings and clapper marks on the inside of the rim. It has a good solid ring to it with a
sharp resonating sound.


          Royal Military Crown

Inside of bell
view and bell rope




DIMENSIONS: 11″ height
by 9 3/4″ diameter at base and 6″ diameter at crown.

22 1/2 Lbs.

This is a handsome bell in excellent condition without any dings or casting imperfections. It has nicely shaped exterior
and a unusual bluish green patina. The clapper is a large bronze ball with a fancy rope attached. It sound
is clear with a good resonance.

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