Clipper Ship Bangalore Etching B. Poole 1929

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BURNELL POOLE, 1884 -1933 



Engraving on paper                                                                       
Dated March 1929
Unframed 17 1/2″ L x 13″ H                                                          
 23 3/4″ x 19 7/8″
Signed       LR                                                                                  
Numbered 47/100
Presented is an engraving of the British
Clipper ship Bangalore as she heels on a port tack under reduced canvas into to a rolling head sea. The Bangalore
was nearly the final stage in the development of sailing merchant vessels. The engraving is signed in pencil in the lower
right, and marked and numbered in the upper left.
THE ARTIST: Burnell Poole,
(1884-1933), spent years at sea in the North Atlantic with the U.S. Navy during WW One . Thirty years before our
navy had combat artists, Poole recorded the warships in action. The U.S. Navy has less than two dozen works of art recording
this period, and Poole’s contributions number five. They were commissioned by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company,
and donated to the Naval Historical Foundation between 1928 and 1929 to commemorate the Navy’s participation in the
war. These paintings, owned by the Navy Historical Foundation, are on exhibit in Washington, DC. Later, he turned to
portraying the sea, by mastering the technique of engraving and dry-point. He earned a reputation as being the greatest American
marine artists in those techniques. In 1922, he was being compared favorably to Englishman, Arthur Briscoe,
1873-1943. Poole also did engravings of many famous sailing yachts and ships, and a portfolio of twenty of these works
was recently for sale for $12,500.00 for the lot.
The engraving has been recently framed and is 
available with a similar engraving by the artist of a Clipper Ship running down wind under all sails titled
“Stunsails Alow & Aloft”. This engraving is unframed.

Burnell Poole is applauded for his engravings
and etchings of seascapes, navy and sailing ship works which all evidence the feelings of a true seaman.
Name of ship
Mark and number
into a head sea

PARTIAL HISTORY: Built by Richardson, Duck and Company at Stockton, England,
in 1886. Her construction was of iron and included double topsails, and double topgallants. She was near the final stage
of commercial sail would see only the change to steel, the addition of steam auxiliary machinery, and, in many larger examples,
a fourth mast.

The handsome Bangalore made some remarkable passages, sailing from Calcutta to New
York in eighty-eight days, and from New York to Java in eighty-three days. Her best day’s run was 351 nautical miles
– an average speed of 14.6 knots. She came into United States ownership after being stranded at Cape Henry, Virginia, and
repaired locally in 1900. In 1908 she left Norfolk with a cargo of coal for the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor and was
one of two ships that disappeared after being sighted by a third vessel off Cape Horn. The mariner who saw them believed the Bangalore
and the Falkenbank had collided and sunk in a squall.

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