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Presented is a model of CORDENE
which was representative of a type of cargo ship, known as a Three Island “Tramp” steamer. They were built in
vast numbers at the beginning of the 1900’s, and typically went from port-to-port randomly looking for cargo to
deliver. In their earliest form, they had an open bridge on an exposed platform. This was later modified to
the raised enclosed type, which you see here that came in to service during the 1920’s. CORDENE was built in 1924
by Swan Hunter on the River Tyne, the same yard that launched the liner Mauritania on September 20, 1906. CORDENE
and many others were lost in both World Wars since they made up the bulk of the convoys.  In the service
of William Cory & Sons, London,she was sunk on 1 August 1941 as part of C

Built by Swan
Hunter, Newcastle, England, 1924
LOA 287 feet, BEAM 39.6 feet, 2456
Gross Registered Tons

Fore deck and windlass 
            Hatches and donkey engines
        Main deckhouse and lifeboats
      Quarter deck and steering quadrant

model is constructed of various materials which include wood for the masts, deck, deck houses, hatches, ladders, and
machinery. And, wire for the rigging, and metal for the railings. Some plastic is used such as the propeller. The wood
planks of the hatches are hand inked in India ink. Her hull and bottom is painted in flat black. The model is typical
of the work of its maker who was most likely a member of the crew since all the details show great knowledge of the ship and
its rigging.
HISTORY OF WILLIAM CORY & SONS, LONDON: The Cory firm was an affiliation of eight London companies that were doing
business as coal merchants, lightermen, and owners and leasors of colliers and freighters. They were one
of the first to bring coal to London by steamer. Cory had started business in 1872 and over the many years grew into
a much larger business. They became tug operators, taking over several other companies and eventually consolidating under
the control of Cory Towage Ltd. Around 1985, the flag emblem was altered from a white diamond to a blue one edged white. After
over 128 years, they were absorbed on 20 February 2000 by Bureau Wijsmuller B.V.

Everything is in original condition and complete except for the omission of flags which can be added. The flat black
paint shows some scuff marks of a minor nature.





The model is 35 3/4″ L x 12 1/2″ H x 5 1/4″ W
Weight 10 pounds.

OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied
with your purchase it may be returned, if without damage, within five days of receipt in its original condition and packaging.
Returns must be insured for their full value. All that is required is a prior email authorization by us for the return. Unfortunately,
no refund can be made for the cost of shipping, packaging and handling unless we are at fault.

CORDENE represents a
sailormade model of a very distinctive early cargo ship design. It is an excellent choice for a nautical collection.

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