Guaranteed Authentic
Presented is a carefully handcrafted hull of
a classic British three masted Clipper Ship that most likely was  made by a very skilled crew member. The hull
is carved from a solid block of wood, with exceptional attention to detail and likely dates back to the last quarter of the
19th Century. The model maker knew his ship and laid out her lines, rigging and fittings so perfectly
as to compare with paintings of similar vessels. Her sails are carved from blocks of wood rather than being fashioned out
of stiff paper as was the fashion. 
 Painting of the Bark, “Noodleburn”, Ca 1895

Behind the bowsprit and dolphin striker, the stem has an ornately carved figurehead of what may be a mermaid followed by trailboards with the ship’s name,
“GULL”. On deck aft of the foredeck and bowsprit is the foremast, and then a forward hatch aft of the
forecastle, next aft, a long raised deckhouse with inked ports, and a lifeboat to port and starboard. Then a large cargo hatch,
the main mast, another cargo hatch with boats on davits to port and starboard. Then come the ladders to the
poop deck with the mizzen mast, a small deck house with inked ports, followed by a skylight and the ships wheel all crafted
by hand.
                Midships section
Poop deck and signal flags
  Fore deck with bow sprit & dolphin striker
THE FLAGS: Flying from the truck of the
foremast is the flag of the United States which is flown as a courtesy when a ship enters U.S. waters so that we may conclude
that “GULL” is planning to call on a U.S. port. From the mainmast truck, the personal or house flag of the owner flies. In
this case, it is the cross of St. Andrews on a white field with a blue upper right quarter with four white stars. From the
gaff of the mizzen mast, the British Merchant Ensign is flown, with code flags “W”, “V” and “R” beneath it. 
We date this sailor made model as being made some where between
1875 and 1890.
You will not find a nicer sailor made model of an early British
Clipper Ship model, making this an important addition to any serious nautical collection.
After section of ship
wood sails
Looking forward from starboard quarter
DIMENSIONS VESSEL: LOA 28″ L x 6″ W x  17″ H         
CASE: 37″ L x 13″ W x 24″ H

Weight 30 pounds estimated
CONDITION: The model and its original case is exceptional in all
respects. The rigging is taught, all the gear and fittings are in place and nothing is broken or missing. The finish on the
case is dried and has some crackling, and some minor abrasions. The mast, spars, boom and rigging are all correctly fitted.
Considering its age of  the models condition is without par. The black, white and grey painted hull is in exceptional
original condition. The overall appearance of the model and massive case is quite remarkable and impressive.

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