A large size ship’s bell clock which strikes the hour and half hour
in a very heavy solid brass case. Just polished for your enjoyment.

Presented is an outstanding example of the finest striking bell clock
made. The design was originally introduced by Chelsea in 1906 using “statuary” bronze ship’s wheels and bases. In 1928, this
version was given its own name, as the “MARINER”. A yacht wheel clock without the base was called the “Pilot”. 
The MARINER was designed to offer superior quality
in a very large package, standing almost 14″ high and weighing almost 15 pounds . It personifies Chelsea’s reputation
for engineering and manufacturing excellence. It has a forged case and base, and run’s perfectly, and strikes the bell’s in
proper sequence. There is a 4 1/2″ silver dial in almost perfect condition with acid etched Arabic numerals, and black moon
hands. The clock has just been polished, but not lacquered, and shows as “near new”. The Chelsea name appears in
black upper case letters below the hands arbor with Ships Bell under. A fast-slow lever adjustment is to the right of 9 o’clock.
MARINER production was discontinued in 1984, but it has recently
been reintroduced by Chelsea as a reproduction with prices up to $3500.00 for a recreation. This clock is not a reproduction.
It is an authentic vintage example with serial number 642233 on it case indicating production almost 50 years ago which
is borne out by a small note inside the base with a date of 1959.

Serial Number 642233              Size: 13
3/4″ H x 10″ W x 4 1/4″ deep at base

Diameter of dial 4 1/2″                Diameter
of bezel
5 7/8″                
WEIGHT 14 1/2 pounds

Serial number 642233   
              Top of case looking

The metal base of the original Chelsea Mariner is forged from thick
statuary bronze. The forged brass bezel opens with a hinge and latch design. Polished and bronzed finishes are majestic
in their presentation. The clock’s face is deeply etched brass, silvered, enameled and lacquered. A lacquered Mahogany wood
base with back add a further elegant touch. Inside, the famous Chelsea Ship’s Bell precision wind-up mechanical
timekeeping movement chimes the ship’s bells on the hour and half hour. This is no ordinary timekeeping movement. Designed
over one hundred years ago, the Chelsea movement has achieved a reputation for accuracy and reliability of a fine Swiss watch.



CONDITION: Considering it age, and years
of use it is hard to mark this wonderful timepiece down. Yes, there are a few tiny nicks in the wood base, but it’s finish
is generally in perfect condition. There also is a slight roughness to the bronze of the wheel’s rim in a few places and a
tiny scratch on the base. There also are a few small scratches in the case, and the dial has a small scratch at the speed
adjustment, but nothing rises to the level of being objectionable. And the heart of the clock, works in perfect
unison with a quartz watch used for comparison. There is nothing like the resonant ringing of a ship’s bell from this

have satisfied customers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Denmark, England,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Martinique, Mexico, New Zealand,
Norway, Nova Scotia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, USVI and the Eastern

WARRANTY: We guarantee that this clock
will be working on arrival and that our description is entirely accurate or your money back. The only conditions are that
an email authorization be obtained within three days, and that the instrument is returned in its original condition and packaging,
and insured for its full value. Unfortunately, shipping charges are not included in this offer and are non-refundable. This
does not affect our policy on shipping damage which is discussed below.

PACKAGING: We take great care in
packaging our clocks for shipment which includes bubble wrap, placing in a box, and then placing in a larger box surrounded
by impact absorbent material. However, we are not responsible, once it is turned over to the carrier. Full Value insurance
is required. In the event of damage due to shipping we will assist you in all respects even to filing a claim in your behalf.

Buy this magnificent ship’s clock Now! What a great attention in a perfect size to add a marine accent
to your home, office or den. In its like new condition, it also makes a perfect gift.

ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT are Bank wire transfer,
cashier’s check, money order, or personal check in which case the item will be held until cleared. No checks from overseas
buyers, no credit cards or PayPal accepted on this item.
Copyright 2007 by Land And Sea Collection™, All
Rights Reserved

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