Known as a personal cannon, the Lantaka was popular in the East Indies
starting in the 16 th Century, where they were mounted on small ships as swivel guns, and also considered a form of currency.
They were not only intended for use as weapons, but were admired for their beauty.

Presented is a cast bronze cannon of a traditional Lantaka
with a flared barrel at the front. It is decidedly Indonesian in design with raised floral and geometric designs at
the front and rear. It has a yoke and pin which makes it a swivel gun for use on the bulwark
of a ship. The extension at the rear was to insert a wooden stock in the hollow tube for aiming. Its proportions follow
that of a ship’s long gun.
USE: It is of the type of weapon that was used as a presentation
piece, for personal protection in close in fighting, as a signaling device, or as a form of currency in earlier times.
When this cannon was cast, its use was strictly as that of currency and to enhance the importance and prestige of its owner.


CONDITION: The cannon has sight front and rear,
and a rich dark, patina with green overtones. The trunnions are cast as part of the barrel which is traditional.
There are no mold marks, but there are the classic Indonesian floral and geometric designs enhanced by the desirable
figure of an alligator above the pivot point. On each side is a cast in place VOC cartouche on the sides
behind the alligator. VOC was the sign of the Dutch East India Company. The touch hole has a rim around it
and is clear to the bore which runs the length of the barrel. There is a fracture around the casting at
the breech.


 This fine example of a Lantaka
is being sold for display purposes only, and no attempt should be made to fire it. There is an old fracture at the breech.
DIMENSIONS: 24 3/4″ LOA x 2 5/8“ W at
breech, 1 3/4″ at first band 
Bore 11/16″      
 28 lbs
             Touch hole and fracture
sight and alligator
      Barrel, reinforcing bands and sight
          Pinion, yoke and swivel pin


Touch hole and fracture



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