CA 1850
Presented is a first rate C.C. Brand harpoon gun in
exceptional condition. It comes complete with its original ramrod and with a lance that may have been used by this
gun, but is not the better known projectile which had a bomb in combination with the lance. The harpoon gun was
originally the work of Oliver Allen of New London, CT who received patents in 1846 on the bomb lance and in
1848 on a harpoon that could also be fired from the same gun. The gun was not patented because its features parallel
those of other guns in use.
Around 1849, Allen sold his gun business to Christopher C. Brand of Ledyard, CT., and
headed west to the Gold Fields. Brand made some modifications to the gun one of which was to cast the skeleton stock in steel
rather than brass and added two more sizes to accommodate various size bomb lances. The guns were not marked
and did not receive model names, but were differentiated by their bore sizes of 7/8″, 1 1/8″ and 1 1/4″. Their weights decreased
as the bore increased and were 23, 19 1/2, and 19 pounds with the 7/8″ size being the most common.
As a result of Brands advertising of his gun in the Whaleman’s Shipping List
&  Merchants’ Transcript
it became more successful then ever and became an industry standard.
Gun: Length overall 38 1/4″ Barrel 15 15/16″ Chamber 7 5/16″ Stock 14 3/4″ Bore
1 1/8″                      
Weight 23 lbs
Lance: 24 5/8″ L x 2″ W                           
Weight      3 lbs
            Precussion nipple and trigger
               Ram rod and

Without exception
for its age an and years of use this is an exceptional harpoon gun from a first rate U.S. maker.

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