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Ranks 5 STARS

Rarely do we have the opportunity to offer an absolutely outstanding
and near flawless example of an earlier C. Plath sextant, Serial No. 34081. It comes with its original flaming
Mahogany, case with a Beck & Kassel 6 x 30 scope. Our proprietary list of C. Plath serial numbers dates this sextant as
having been built in 1955. There is no inspection certificate which is not uncommon, and in modern instruments not a cause
for concern.

This instrument operates like a well oiled piece of machinery.
It has NO faults even minor ones. It shows no discernable evidence of wear that it can be considered as new except that its
handle has been repaired. Both the horizon and index mirrors look as NEW.

SCOPE OPTIONS: If you have read our other writings about sextants regarding what to look for, and what to look out for, when buying
you know that a 6 x 30 scope, that is original to this sextant, is mainly for shooting the sun. It also works well for
shooting early rising planets. So if you want to take star sights we can provide a new 3.5 x 40 scope for an
additional $130.00 with no additional shipping if purchased with the sextant.

As is, this sextant is exceptional and is ideally suited for someone
who seeks only the highest quality instruments. For use at sea, it should provide outstanding dependable service, and pride
in the ownership of a C. Plath sextant which is considered by many to be the standard by which other sextants are measured.

CONDITION: Irrespective of age, overall condition
is as new except as noted previously. Adjustable index error, 1 min “on the arc”. All moving parts turn freely. Mirrors are
perpendicular to frame. The index mirror and split image horizon mirror are as new. The case is in good condition
with some very minor scratching on its top. It is fitted with the early style wood hold down clamp. The sextant’s Bakelite
handle has been repaired using space age bonding technology. The serial number dates it as 1955 manufacturer from our list
of numbers. No illumination was fitted at that time. Paint is in new condition without chips, bubbles, or lifting.

STAR RATING: This sextant easily rates FIVE STARS. It
is one of the finest examples of a previously owned C. Plath Classic that we have ever seen in the past three years and
is suitable for a collector or for use at sea.
requires someone who can appreciate the fine points of a sextant, and is willing to pay an appropriate price for this level
of quality and excellence.
QUALIFICATIONS: We are one of the few company’s
still selling navigation instruments that know anything about them. For purposes of judging whether Joel’s opinion counts, he
was the editor of the chapter on sextants of the 1977 Edition of “Bowditch”, The American Practical Navigator, NAVPUB 9; a
member of the U.S. Naval Academy Navigation Symposium Board, 1975 -1978; the author of a book on marine sextants, Cornell
Maritime Press,1975, and the founding president of Nautech Maritime Corporation which partnered with Tamaya of Japan in the
introduction of the MS 733 Spica, the MS 833, Jupiter, MS 933 Venus sextants and the famous NC-2 navigation computer, in the
U.S. market. Joel is also a retired Master Mariner, and held a U.S. Navy “D” Qualification as a Senior Skipper – Oceans. From 1995 through 2000, he served as a Varsity Offshore Sailing Team coach at the U.S. Naval Academy.

COMPANY HISTORY: In brief, Carl Plath started manufacturing
sextants, in addition to other nautical products, in Hamburg Germany in 1862 though the company’s origin dates back to 1837.
As a result WW II, C.Plath was dismantled completely by the occupation forces. Around 1950, various prohibitions
were lifted, and C. Plath was allowed to begin production again of sextants and other nautical instruments. Also in 1949,C.Plath
was offered a gyrocompass patent and in 1951 the first gyrocompass designed to this patent was presented to the public. C.Plath progressed
from the role of instrument maker to that of a modern marine navigation equipment manufacturer. In the following years the
product range was expanded by many more modern designs such as autopilots, speed logs, radio direction finders, etc.
In 1962 C.Plath was acquired by Litton Industries,
a large American concern.The C.Plath North American Division was set up in 1978 in College Park near Washington. 1996
saw the introduction of the world’s first fiber-optic solid-state gyrocompass by C.Plath. The first ever gyrocompass with
no moving parts. Sperry Marine was formed in 1997 with the combination of C.Plath, Decca Marine and Sperry Marine with more
organizational changes yet to come. After 163 years, C.Plath changes its name to Sperry Marine in May 2000. In 2001 Sperry
Marine becomes part of the Northrop Grumman Corporation, and shortly thereafter discontinues sextant production. All parts,
machinery, and tooling were destroyed.


Measuring Range: -5 to 125 degrees
Telescope: 6 x 30
Coated optics Frame: Bronze with black enamel paint and bronze arc. Micrometer
Drum and Vernier Scale: reads to 1.0 min.
Index Mirror: 56 x 42 mm. aluminized on the rear side.
Horizon Mirror: 57mm diameter.
4 for index mirror
3 for horizon mirror

Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz, 10 lbs in case Carrying case: Varnished wood
with out a key

1 C. Plath Sextant frame
1 6
x 30 Scope
1 Mirror adjustment wrench
No Brush
1 Varnished Mahogany sextant case with locking key AN OPTIONAL
3.5 X 40 STAR SCOPE IS AVAILABLE FOR $130.00. No S & H when purchased with this sextant.

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