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Ranks 5 Stars

The overall condition of this prestige sextant is superb. It is just waiting to go back to sea and where it can be put back to use. It also is perfect for a serious student or a professional who is seeking something special with all the possible accessories

I’ve been involved selling Tamaya sextants for over 30 years, and back then, my company Nautech Maritime Corporation was instrumental in the design and introduction of their MS 733 SPICA, MS 833 Jupiter, and MS 933 Venus sextants and the famous NC 2, and NC 77 navigation computers.

Therefore, it brings me pleasure to present a used 1986 Tamaya
Jupiter sextant, Serial Number 67663, with both a 4 x 40, 7 x 35 factory scope, and the expensive optional
whole horizon mirror they called “UNIVISION” which no longer is being offered in the U.S. When this
feature was introduced it was a $350.00 option. The two scopes today cost about $500.00, and a base sextant sells for around
$1300.00 street price.

This example is in exceptional condition, and shows little
evidence of use except that the internal lighting is not working. The case is the new style plastic
one which is much improved over the early wood case.

CONDITION: Irrespective
of age, overall condition, is excellent. Adjustable index and side error are nil. All moving parts turn
freely. Nothing is broken. The only exceptions are the lighting not working and two slide on shades for the scopes’
ocular lens are not included. They are rarely, if ever, used. We have tried unsuccessfully with new batteries
and a couple of different bulbs installed. There may be a break in the wire which an electrician can fix. Mirrors are
perpendicular to frame. Both mirrors are without blemish. The case is in excellent condition. The sextant’s
paint on the frame is as new. All the numbers match. This sextant is exceptional in condition and because of its
special features.
STAR RATING: Without qualification, this
instrument rates 5 STARS

QUALIFICATIONS: We are one of the few company’s still selling navigation
instruments that know anything about them. For purposes of judging whether Joel’s opinion counts, he was the editor
of the chapter on sextants of the 1977 Edition of “Bowditch”, The American Practical Navigator, NAVPUB 9; a member of the
U.S. Naval Academy Navigation Symposium Board, 1975 -1978; the author of a book on marine sextants, Cornell Maritime Press,1975,
and the founding president of Nautech Maritime Corporation which partnered with Tamaya of Japan in the introduction of the
MS 733 Spica, the MS 833, Jupiter, MS 933 Venus sextants and the famous NC-2 navigation computer, in the U.S. market. Joel
is a retired Master Mariner, and held a U.S. Navy “D” Qualification as a Senior Skipper – Oceans. For
six years he was a Varsity Offshore Coach at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Model 833

Measuring Range: -5 to 125 degrees
+/-12 seconds.
Telescopes: 4x40mm: angle of view 7 degrees, relative brightness 100. All optics are fully
Frame: Lightweight die cast aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant black finish. Bronze arc.
Scale: has 5 marks & reads to 0.2′.
Index Mirror: 57 x 42 mm. aluminized on the rear side.
Mirror: 57mm diameter.
1. 4 for index mirror
2. 3 for horizon mirror
Weight: 3 lbs 12
oz, 7 lbs in case
Carrying case: Plastic
1 Tamaya Nautech Model 833 sextant frame
1 4 x 40 Star scope
1 7 x 35 Sun scope
1 Whole horizon mirror
1 bulb installed
1 Mirror adjustment wrench
1 New style plastic sextant case
1 Tamaya Certificate of Accuracy
Batteries not included. They should be inserted with the positive terminal to the top.
For those seeking more information about the modern marine sextant I suggest
they get a copy of a book written in 1975, now out-of-print. The Myths & the Truth about Selecting a Marine Sextant. Cambridge MD: Cornell Maritime Press, 1975. 44pp, 10 illustrations.
Topics include scope power, mirrors, shade glasses, theoretical brightness, accuracy, workmanship, accuracy, comparison of
specifications. It is available at the University Library, all locations, of The California State University for

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