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Presented is a 1830 Pattern Naval officer’s two piece eagle
Sword Belt buckle. This example features the motif of a left facing winged eagle gripping an anchor
in its talons. A wreath of leaves surounds the center plate with crosses at top bottom and sides. The plate shows that it
was worn regularly and has a nice brown patina of age. No maker’s mark.

SIZE:  3 1/8″ L x 1 7/8″ W x 3/32″ T   BELT OPENING
1 3/4″ x 3/16″



HOW EAGLES FACE: The Navy Historical Center’s site states there seems to have been three phases in the evolution
of the directions that eagles face on Navy devices. The picture at left is of admiral’s rig of 1890.
The eagle and anchor emblem was adopted in the uniform regulations of 1797 to be used on uniform
buttons. From then until 1866, the device was used without much consistency on officer swordhilts,
and swordbelts, captains’ epaulettes and finally on officer caps. According to James C.
Tily, The Uniforms of the United States Navy (1963), left-facing eagles were used on the uniform buttons of
and above (No. 1 button), while right-facing eagles were designated for masters commandant and lieutenants
(No. 2 button), in the regulations of 1820. This practice ended in 1830 when all officers
were ordered to wear the “No. 1” button with the eagle facing left. This followed through to the other devices in which it
was used.

The eagle in the medallion of the officer’s sword-hilt of 1852 faces to the right, but the sword belt buckle
medallion shows an eagle facing left.
The eagle on a captain’s shoulder epaulette of 1852 faces to the right.

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is a fist quality Naval officers’ sword belt buckle in its original condition. The early ones are becoming scarce.

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