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Seth Thomas, America’s oldest clock maker started operations in 1813.
Their Nautical clocks first appeared in the 1860’s and were the official US Navy Ships’ clock for almost 100 years


A WW II vintage ships clock with a rare bronze case
and mounting.   A real collector’s piece!

Presented is a Seth Thomas bulkhead clock
which was manufactured in accordance with military specifications 18C-11 and 18C -13. This waterproof clock was made
to be mounted on a bulkhead in the wardroom, bridge or ship’s office.

It has a larger than normal 6“
dial compared to the standard 5 inch dial that is usually seen in the type clocks, and the case is of
an unusual two piece design. White spade hands with colored tips on a black dial with acid etched Arabic numerals
in white. The tan dots at the top of the numbers at one time held iridium for night use, but that has since been removed.
Iridium and radium are radioactive and there use has been suspended. Note the second dot directly under the 12 for quick night
time reference.


This clock has been certified by the U.S. Naval Observatory assigned
their own serial number 12181 dated 1941.
The clock is fitted in a swing left-open bezel. The movement is the
same as would be found in a Chelsea clock made to the same specifications. It is an 11-jewel 8 day  movement
that is wound, set and adjusted through a slotted cover at its rear. A separate start/stop mechanism allows it to be synchronized
with a master time piece.

There is a removable vibration dampener that is spring loaded and attaches to the bulkhead
when the front of the case is removed by pulling its hinge pins. The front of the case also serves as a watertight closure
and has a ridge that seals into a groove in a rubber gasket. The bezel is dogged by turning a chrome wing nut and all is secure.
THOMAS is etched below the lower rim below the 6 hour mark and reads, Made by Seth Thomas in USA.

THE CASE:  The case is of heavy forged bronze, and
it is of a design and was the most sophisticated of ship’s clocks of this era other than chronometers. It is massive.
The outside diameter is 8 1/4“ and its depth is 4 1/2“.  The weight is in its forged brass case is 16
.  The lens is plastic and has some scuff marks and some hazing that is mostly unnoticeable.

           Controls under cover        
thick 4″ case
is on left. Mounting block on right

CONDITION: This example has seen 66
years of service, mostly at sea, and gives the appearance of ruggedness. The face is in good condition and shows some
evidence of aging. The hands have been repainted. The movement  shows as recently cleaned. It keeps excellent time and its
age is indicated only in the older design of the case and a very unusual style housing. The gasket between the bulkhead
bracket and movement has hardened. Because of the movement’s sandwich construction, there are no visible markings. Key is

WARRANTY: We guarantee that this clock will
be working on arrival and that our description is entirely accurate or your money back. The only conditions are that an email
authorization be obtained within three days, and that the instrument is returned in its original condition and packaging,
and insured for its full value. Unfortunately, shipping charges are not included in this offer and are non-refundable. This
does not affect our policy on shipping damage which is discussed below.

PACKAGING: We take great care in packaging
our clocks for shipment which includes bubble wrap, placing in a box, and then placing in a larger box surrounded by impact
absorbent material. However, we are not responsible, once it is turned over to the carrier. Full Value insurance is required.
In the event of damage due to shipping we will assist you in all respects even to filing a claim in your behalf.

Diameter of Dial                    4
1/2″ Deep
8 1/4″ Full Diameter                    Weight 16 lbs

Buy this magnificent ship’s U.S. Navy clock Now! It has a dramatic appearance and its
unusual face makes it a perfect addition for your desk, mantle or collection. 

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Rights Reserved

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