Presented is a beautifully built pond yacht
hull made using traditional plank on frame construction important information added in italics. It
is so finely made and built like a real sailing craft that it must have been built by a master shipbuilder. The
hull is made by nailing a series of planks called “strakes” on a frame of sawn ribs that are mounted crosswise on
the keelson with beams across at deck level. The ribs are placed at three inch centers. At the very bow is a screw standing
1/8 inch above the deck level, and 6 inches behind it is a metal strap. These markers can be seen in a number of the photographs.
Taken together, both these items were likely used to hold a bowsprit in place.
The hull is shaped in accordance with
the plans which give the desired profile shape. The inside shows dried old paint and some accumulation of grit and
grime again adding to look of a many years old derelict. 
Due to this model’s
age, many of the joints between the strakes have dried out and leave a small gap between the adjoining planks adding
to a look of a boat yard derelict.
The streamlined shape of the hull originally made us think of a “J Class” racing yacht, but the addition of fittings for a
bowsprit puts it in an entirely different category. The Universal Rule to which the J Class was designed was adopted
in 1920. The class was selected for America’s Cup racing in 1928.  But a bowsprit installed on the model
easily dates it back into the mid to last half of the 19th Century.

Consequently, the model likely replicates any of the international large size racing
yachts prior to 1900. This would include any of the yachts in the America’s Cup 1893-1903 Class, known as the great 90-footers, and
could include some earlier ones that had a single mast. The vessels in this class with a 90 foot waterline length were:
Pictured is COLUMBIA of 1899.


It comes mounted on a professionally made
hardwood varnished stand of very high quality which indicates it was on display as a work of maritime art.
The rigging and much of the deck has been removed but the original
rudder and the lead keel are in place. What you see is an advance state of aging. All the gear that was removed was lost,
and there is nothing more than what you see in the pictures.  
HULL Length Overall without bowsprit:
50 1/2″ L x 10″ W x 14 /8″ H to deck                 
  WEIGHT: 15 lbs
1/4″ L x 9 1/2″ W x 1 1/2″ H               
                5 lbs


Buy as a work of art, it is truly a masterpiece, and makes a
beautiful display.

CONDITION: As with all hand made models,
particularly very old pond yachts that were sailed, expect imperfections.  This one has the blunted bow that
is typical of a model that has sailed into something and also has an age crack on the starboard side amidships. The rudder
and the lead keel are present which is not commonly found with models of this genre. The hull finish has been abraded
with bear wood showing in places. In our view, this adds to the model’s charm. The end result is this is a
fine, high quality model of which anyone will be proud to display.

   Nicely formed bow. Note screw and strap
                 Waterfoil keel
               Rudder skeg
and waterline
frames and beams
 Profile. Note screw and strap on foredeck      

In addition to this one of a kind GIANT
pond yacht
 in sailboats, we have the Crosby cat, the Marshall 18, and Beetle cats, two different sizes
of the Schooner Bluenose, the NEW Gertrude L. Thebaud, a Friendship sloop, Schooners Adventuress, America, Amistad,
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Shamrock, each as full models or half hulls, and  also the Sparkman & Stephen’s ocean racer Dorade, and yawl Odyssey. 
In motor vessels we offer a Chris Craft Barrel Back and Utility, Double and triple cockpit runabouts, the Garwood Speedster,
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models are regularly at auction.


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