Museum Quality


Presented is an exceptional bronze miniature cannon of the type that was on the gun decks of ship’s
of the line during the time of the American Revolutionary Navy. It replicates the 12 pound cannons on frigates of
the Continental Navy such as the USS Constitution which are picture here, with outstanding attention to detail.

Models like this were made as a presentation piece or as a foundry replica of its
products. This one has no foundry markings. The rich dark patina is consistent with naturally aged bronze.
The carriage, and its bronze fittings are authentic to the period. The carriage was reported to be made from the wood
of a sunken ship that was lost in 1855. The touch hole at the chamber, and the front of the cannon and bore shows evidence
of it being fired. It has the characteristics of the most noteworthy examples of miniature cannons of this period and type
which include:


       Aiming wedge, wide stance wheels
A pair of similar cannons sold recently for $2500.00

Length overall              
7 1/4″
Length of barrel:           6
3/4″    Bore 10 cm  
Width at touch hole       1 3/8″   Width,
front reinforcing band at muzzle 7/8″                 
Weight 2 1/2 lbs


CONDITION: This miniature’s barrel is realistic and has the normal look of age. It replicates
a U.S. Navy 12 pounder of our Revolutionary Navy without fault. It is equal in quality to the most expensive that we
have seen in cannons of this type. The carriage was reportedly made by an artisan in 1976 from wood salvaged from a ship which
sunk in 1855. The aiming wedge with bronze handle rarely accompanies miniature cannons.
The cannon
has a dark rich brown patina with lighter highlights. The trunnions are at the lower section of the tube. The
trunion caps seem to be castings which is unusual. There are no foundry markings.

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