PRICE $385.00 plus $18.00 shipping and handling to 48 contiguous STATES. 

Presented is a turned bronze miniature of the type of cannons that armed our Colonial Navy’s frigates.
Its proportions are of a ship’s long gun.
The touch hole and bore are functional, but
the cannon is sold for display only and should not be fired. There is no carriage. It is very heavy for its size.  It
has the characteristics of the most noteworthy examples of miniature cannons of this period and type which include:
        • Prominent cascabal knob
        • Reinforced chamber 
        • Low line trunions 
        • Six reinforcing bands


CONDITION: It is in fine condition, but because
of its age should not be fired. There are no apparent mold marks or inscriptions other then “07, #2” etched in the under
side. The patina is mainly dark brown.
Bronze Cannon          
6 3/4″ Length overall 
Length barrel              
6 1/4″  
Bore 10 cm
Width at first band         
Width at touch hole     1 1/2″                                   
Weight of cannon     2 pounds  

This exceedingly fine example is being sold for display purposes only,
and no attempt should be made to fire it.
           Overhead View
side View

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