It comes mounted on a  Teak wood stand which displays
this relic as a work of maritime art.
Presented is a hand crafted motor vessel hull that was made
from scratch using traditional plank on frame construction. All the woodwork is put in place using the exact same materials
and methods of construction as a real vessel. It is so finely made and built that it must have been made by a master
shipbuilder. The hull is made by nailing a series of planks called “strakes” on steam bent frames or ribs that are mounted
crosswise on the keelson with beams screwed in place across at deck level. The ribs are placed at one inch centers. The interior
shows an accumulation of grit and grime again adding to look of a many years old relic. For some reason, the model was never
finished. It comes from a Rochester, NY family where it was handed down for generations.
The torpedo stern is designed for speed, and is also called a draketail or a beavertail. The stern is very flat underneath
and is wide, so the boat doesn’t squat at speed. It also leaves almost no wake. L. Francis Herreshoff’s 88 foot
“Now Then”,
 a steam yacht, built for Norman L. Munroe in 1887 is a good example of this style.
At one time, making 24 MPH, it was the fastest boat in the world. Because the design is more costly to build
and gives up space aft, the streamlined shape of the stern lost its appeal and gave way to square sterns. Today, it is
most often found on the waterman’s Hooper Island Draketails of the Chesapeake Bay that are used to
harvest crab.
Length overall 36 1/4″      Length on deck
35 1/2″      Beam 8 1/4″
Maximum depth 6 1/4″     Weight  4 lbs without
stand  Stand 8 pounds



Buy as a work of art. It is truly a masterpiece, and makes a
beautiful display.

CONDITION: This is a hand made model, and
is in excellent condition considering its age. The deck was never planked and a rudder was never installed in the
tube. What you see is a mellowed state of aging with a great patina. The hull finish is in generally good shape.
There is one cross beam just aft of the forward hatch that is broken off. In our view, this is a fine, high quality
model which is a work of maritime art  that anyone will be proud to display. There is nothing more than what is pictured.

               Forward hatch
              Draketail stern
         Frames and beams
Profile. Note step in deck     

In addition to one of a kind antiques
and vintage models
we offer a contemporary line of model of classic designs. Included are the Crosby cat, the Marshall
18, and Beetle cats, two different sizes of the Schooner Bluenose, the Gertrude L. Thebaud, a Friendship sloop,
Schooners Adventuress, America, Amistad, the much admired Herreshoff’s 12.5  “S” boats, and New York 30, the J
Class Rainbow, Endeavour, Shamrock, each as full models or half hulls, and  also the Sparkman & Stephen’s ocean racer
Dorade, and yawl Odyssey.  In motor vessels we offer a Chris Craft Barrel Back and Utility, Double and triple cockpit
runabouts, the Garwood Speedster, a classic 1920 motor yacht, a 1926 raised deck cabin cruiser, the Dreamboat, and a New
England Lobster Boat in two sizes. These models are regularly on our Land And Sea Collection website.


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