1/4” W  x 12” D

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is a Snead shallow water
helmet of the style that became the most popular of this company’s four styles. It is in its original
condition, and has only the scrapes and blemishes of its years of underwater service, but its overall yellow finish is
in excellent condition. The helmet is cast in one piece of corrosion resistant iron , and has a single large
port light in the front. In the rear, behind the handle is a small screw fitting which accepts a hose from a bicycle
style pump.

According to the company, they were effective in shallow water up to 18 feet,
it was used for underwater work on vessel’s bottoms and in various forms of under water light construction.
PROVENANCE: This helmet is a deacession from a famous museum where
it has been on display for the last thirteen years. The name of the museum will be disclosed to the buyer.

The features for the Style 2, as recommended by Dr. William Beebe, esteemed
deep sea diver, include:

  • Air intake placed in back of top to remove
    draft of air on face
  • A baffle plate cast in top to deflect
    air stream in such a manner as to prevent fogging
  • Shoulder support widened so as
    to be more comfortable
  • Center of gravity lowered so as to rest more
  • Lower portion widened and deepened so as to
    be more comfortable
  • Vision plate has been raised so
    as to give larger field of vision
HISTORY OF SNEAD: Little is known of this single
style dive helmet manufacturer other then Snead helmets were made in Jersey City, New Jersey from as far back
as the early 1900’s until around 1940. They are made of corrosion resistant cast iron and weigh about 60 pounds depending
on style. Over the years, four models were made the last of which was cast in bronze and weighed 71 pounds.
CONDITION and MARKINGS:  Being made of cast iron,
it is indestructible except for it plastic face plate which is frequently missing. This one has it lens, which has three
vertical cracks adjacent to one another. Some clear tape has been applied on the inside. This helmet, except for some
scuffing of it yellow paint, looks like it just left the factory. The air valve which has a one-way feature has not been checked.
Cast on the chest, SNEAD. Co., Jersey City, NJ, Pat. Pending.
Like all the helmets, it is being offered for display only,
and should not be used for any other purpose unless certified by a competent diving shop.

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