Made by Iver Weilbach, a company founded in
1755, 255 years ago. Weilbach binnacles are rare in the market, and are of the highest quality

Presented is one of the most original and
handsome vintage  binnacles we have ever offered. The dramatic helmet style hood has a large round center port
with twin oil lamp, one on each side. Arms on either side hold twin iron quadrantal correctors for adjusting
magnetic deviation. The use of correctors was invented by James Thomson, later Lord Kelvin in the 1870’s to reduce
the affects of the ship’s magnetic field (deviation) on the compass. Mounted in  back is a cylindrical tube which held
a Flinder’s bar also used for adjusting deviation. The wood trunk also was fitted with magnets which indicates this binnacle
was built for an iron hulled ship. The compass has a very old style card dating back to
before the turn of the 20th Century which is only marked in compass points. It is lighted at night by the original burners.

Interestingly, on the top of the hood are two sighting vanes which were used for taking bearings of
terrestrial objects. The hood was polished some time ago and now has a nice patina which enhances its good looks. Its
compass was also made, in the European convention, by Iver C. Weilbach, Copenhagen, and matches the binnacle.
There is a medallion on the trunk which reads as follows:

Slover & Svarrer
Iver C. Weilbach & Co. Copenhagen

THE COMPASS: North is identified with a Fleur
des Lis, with Iver C. Weilbach, Kopenhagen beneath.
The unusual saucer shaped outer ring of
the compass card is graduated in compass points. The larger subdivisions are in Cardinal Points, N.S,E, and as in German,
V for W, and quarter points, NE,SE,SV,NV, then 1/2 points, 1/8 points and finally 1/16 points. There are 32 points on
the compass card, each being 11 1/4 degrees. Etched on the glass is the date it was last serviced in 1921 and
a 1/2 inch square area that was scratched out. This is a common practice in Scandinavian countries.



Overall height 52 1/2″                                                               
Maximum width 29 1/4″
Compass bowl 13 1/4″ diameter                                             Compass
card 8 1/2″ diameter
Estimated weight 200 pounds                                   
              Lamps 8 1/2“ H x 3/4“ diameter
tube 24 1/2“ H x 3 1/2“ D

 Massive brass hood with twin burners
          Large viewing port

      Unusual sighting vanes
      Lower magnet boxes


CONDITION: There are some minor dents and abrasions
as would be expected from its use at sea. The compass works as it should and all parts are present. O
verall condition is exceptional.

Iver C. Weilbach & Co. A/S was founded in 1755 and is one of the oldest Danish companies. Over
their 253 life they manufactured and sold a wide variety of marine navigation equipment with an emphasis on binnacles
and compass equipment for all types of vessels. They also distributed a wide range of instruments including binoculars, barometers,
clocks, chronometers, drawing equipment, signal lamps, and flags etc. Today, the continue in business  selling nautical
charts and publications, nautical instruments.

You must be fully satisfied with your purchase on arrival and that our description is entirely accurate
or your money back. The only conditions are that an email authorization be obtained within three days, and that the instrument
is returned in its original condition and packaging, and insured for its full value. Unfortunately, shipping charges are not
included in this offer and are non-refundable unless we are at fault. 

International buyers welcome, but inquire first.  We have satisfied customers in Argentina,
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic
of Congo, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait,
Latvia, Martinique, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Nova Scotia, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi
Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USVI and the Eastern Caribbean.

SHIPPING CAN BE ARRANGED by the buyer through LDG Delivery Service for
the U.S. East Coast, and certain cities in Michigan, and Indiana, and periodic trips to California. Contact L. Drew Gerard,
for quotes. 561-212-7159, Email:
[email protected] For Canadian and overseas shipment contact your local freight forwarding company for quotes.

are Bank wire transfer, cashier’s check, money order, or personal check in which case the item will be held
until cleared. No credit cards or PayPal accepted on big ticket items.

Own a very rare big size
binnacle with handsome wood trunk of exceptional design and quality made by a world renown company.

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