A large size ship’s bell clock which strikes the hour and half hour
in a very heavy chrome over brass case.
Immaculate, like new condition.

Presented is an outstanding example of the finest striking bell clock
made. The design, named the CHELSEA, was originally introduced by Chelsea in 1897. 
The “CHELSEA” was designed to offer superior quality
in a very large package with a 6″ face and weighing 9 pounds . It personifies Chelsea’s reputation for engineering
and manufacturing excellence. It has a forged case with hinged bezel and runs perfectly, and strikes the bell’s in proper
sequence. There is a 6″ silver dial in perfect condition with acid etched Arabic numerals, and black moon hands. The
clock is in “mint” condition and shows as “new”. The Chelsea name appears in black upper case letters below the
hands arbor with Ships Bell under. A fast-slow lever adjustment is to the left at the 9:30 o’clock position.
“CHELSEA” is the longest continuous production of
any Chelsea model with only improvements to its movement since 1897. A current make Chelsea Ship’s Bell clock
sells for over $2000.00 today. This clock was made in the early 1970’s. It is an authentic vintage example with serial number 771304
stamped on it case and movement indicating production almost 40 years ago.

Serial Number 771304            Diameter
of dial 6″

Diameter of bezel 7 1/4″          Diameter
of base 7 5/8″  

Depth 3 1/2″                             
Weight 9 pounds

Immaculate face
number at top

The metal base of the original Chelsea model is forged from thick
brass plated in thick chromium. The forged bezel opens with a hinge and latch design. The polished finish is majestic
in its presentation. The clock’s face is deeply etched brass, silvered, enameled and lacquered. A lacquered Mahogany
wood base is included at no extra cost adds a further elegant touch. Inside, the famous Chelsea Ship’s Bell precision
wind-up mechanical timekeeping movement chimes the ship’s bells on the hour and half hour. This is no ordinary timekeeping
movement. Designed over one hundred years ago, the Chelsea movement has achieved a reputation for accuracy and reliability
of a fine Swiss watch.

CONDITION: Considering it age, and years
of use it is hard to tell this clock from new except for a few tiny scratches around the case’s center mounting
hole. And the heart of the clock, works in perfect unison with a quartz watch used for comparison. There is nothing like
the resonant ringing of a ship’s bell from this design.

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