Signal cannons were used to make salutes, to warn of danger,
and to attract attention in the case of an emergency. They were also used to start races.  These cannons were
generally cast in the style of the period to which they belong.

Presented is a mid 19th Century, most likely
Civil War bronze barreled signal cannon housed on a cast iron carriage of unusual design with the trunnions near the
cascabal. The barrel is elevated by a turn screw at the muzzle end. Its proportions and mounting are characteristic of
some of the highest quality salute cannons of the Civil War period. The cannon is from a New England estate
and has never been offered to the general public before.
It is the finest of this genre that we’ve ever seen. It weighs a hefty
14.5 pounds and the bronze barrel is 10″ long. The width of the barrel at the muzzle is 1 3/4″ and at the cascabal 2
3/8″. The iron carriage with steel wheels is 8″ x 6 1/2″. There are no markings. The rear mounted trunnions, and
the elevation screw is reminiscent of some Civil War signal cannons.  You wont find a finer signal-salute cannon
than this. It is being sold as a display item, but it is quite obvious it has seen use.


              Looking from
the Cascabal forward
CONDITION: The cannon is in exceptional condition with
a polished bronze barrel and is positioned on an unusual rear mounting. Except for the barrel which shows evidence of
being fired has some minor small gouges and other marks of age. The rest of the cannon shows as near new. All parts are original. All
of the black paint is intact, and nothing is missing. It is in fine untouched condition, but because of its age should
not be fired. There are no mold marks or inscriptions.
Bronze Cannon        13″
Length overall 
Length barrel
10″   Bore 5/8″ / 63 cal
Width at Cascabal      2 3/8″
At muzzle 1 3/4″    
Weight of cannon      14 1/2 pounds  


This fine example is being sold for display purposes only,
and no attempt should be made to fire it.
                       Touch hole
     Elevation screw and yoke
         Underside of carriage
  5/8“ Bore and elevation screw



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