Presented is a British Military Pattern 1842 Sea Service percussion
cap pistol in .56 caliber with an abundance of Crown markings, “Arrow” stamps, inspection marks and others.

It is in extra fine untouched condition with a sighted smooth bore barrel. Most of the machinery
is of iron, and the trigger guard, ram rod tunnel and butt plate are made of brass. The iron surfaces have a smooth brown
patina of age and the marks are sharply stamped. The stock’s finish is 100 percent original and there are only a few dents
and minor age imperfections, none of consequence.

The right cheek plate is marked behind the goose neck hammer with a large CROWN over VR.
Under the percussion drum is stamped 1855 over TOWER and to the right is an integrated CROWN ARROW stamp. The “Tower”
mark is the location that all British government arms were either made, assembled or inspected until the time the
English began to use interchangeable parts with the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle. The “ARROW” indicates its acceptance
into British government service. The iron ram rod operates on an integrated swivel, and was a handy device.

On the left side of the stock’s cheek plate is an iron belt hook, 5 1/2 inches
long with a CROWN over a “B” over a “2” stamp at the screw end. It rides over a Tipping & Lawden stamp which is over an
upside down “BYRH” stamp of unknown meaning. Tipping & Lawden were most likely the manufacturer.

On the center of the top of the barrel, adjacent to the
nipple, is stamped a CROWN over the letter “R” over the number “31”. Directly to the right of that series of marks is stamped
a CROWN over the initials “TP” which likely notes the inspector which is over a ARROW. This series of marks is over another
CROWN over the letter “B” which is over a “9” which is over another ARROW. That completes all the marks on this pistol making
it the most thoroughly marked gun we have seen.

This represents an untouched example of a scarce
Pattern 1842 Sea Service percussion pistol hand made by Tipping & Lawden just before gun manufacturing became standardized
with interchangeable parts and the single shot percussion cap pistol was replaced by revolvers in the 1860’s. It is in
extra “Fine” original condition with a dark, natural, patina of age.

All our weapons are antiques, and
are sold for display only. They are not
 intended to be fired.


Length overall   11″       
Length belt hook 5 1/2″

Length of barrel 6″         
Bore 9/16″, .56 caliber          Weight 2 pounds


               On the left:
CROWN over VR 
    1855 over TOWER – CROWN ARROW

              CROWN over B over

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