Presented is a magnificent antique builder’s half hull model. It was made
to loft the lines of a very unique design with a cruiser hull having a canoe stern. The model is constructed in
a most unusual manner with six lifts of horizontal planks from the waterline to the keel and six vertical planks all of which
are held by four screws and are meant to come apart. This treatment combines the classic horizontal method with
the rarely seen buttocks method of half hull construction and is the only example we have ever seen. The likelihood is the
model was to be used for a special type of lofting function where the lifts were to match some feature of construction
for taking off templates or dimensions that where better suited to using both vertical and horizontal lifts. The deck is unfinished
and unsanded and has thirteen station markings in pencil which are also incised into the exterior of the hull. It
is mounted on Mahogany a backboard which is a recent addition.
The ship’s skeg is purposefully raised 35 degrees from the horizontal. This might have been done
because she was designed to take the bottom often. When grounded, the heel point of a keel with tends to take a beating
and wrenching forces would be large on the deadwood.
Unfortunately, there is nothing know of the real vessel this model depicts. On the back of the hull in
block architect style by what may be a stamp is Roy J. Storey, Jr., 500 49rd Ave. Seattle, WASH 48118.
In blue ink is Hart Weaver. Neither name can be traced. However, Zip codes were introduced in 1943 for 16 major cities with
three or four letter abbreviations for the State. They were expanded to the whole US in 1963. Two letter State abbreviations.
This clearly dates the half hull as being before 1963 and our guess is that the design dates from WW II. The scale is
given as 1″ = 1′ and 75′ in red ink.
PROVENANCE: It reportedly comes from Seattle, Washington from a well known
tug boat Captain’s estate. It was in his collection since 1950.
CONDITION: The half hull shows the hand work of scribed or sawn stations at thirteen
positions. The distance between them varies. It also has the stations incised on the hull exterior. When received, it
was a state of long term abuse and was refinished in our shop. There are a few small chips of wood missing at the bow at deck
level. There is some shrinking of upper level lifts and perhaps one small piece missing forward of the stern. The hull
is finished in varnish and has an appealing warm golden patina. There are some small nicks on the underside. The
Mahogany backboard is a recent addition.


The ship model is 37 1/4″ LWL x 4” W x 5 1/4″ Depth
measured from deck to keel


The backboard is  40 1/” L x 9 1/8″ W x 3/4″ D
Weight 13 pounds.
LIFT METHOD: Half Hulls were carefully hand carved, and incorporated the latest
in the designer’s knowledge of which shape produced the fastest and most seaworthy vessel. They are usually made using
multiple layers of wood, stacked one on top of each other on a horizontal plane, called lifts. The lifts were made to
be taken apart, and were used as a template to lay off the lines on the floor. These were then enlarged to the vessel’s
full size in a process that was called “lofting”.
BUTTOCK METHOD: In this method, the concept is similar, but the lift’s
are placed together on a vertical plane, and instead of describing the shape of waterlines, they show the shape of the
vessels buttock’s or cheeks. When translated into an elevation drawing, the buttocks appear as curved lines and the stations
and waterlines appear as straight vertical lines. This is in contrast to a plan view of the vessel’s shape where the waterlines are
shown as curved lines and the buttocks and stations as straight lines.



OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied with your purchase it may
be returned, if without damage, within three days of receipt in its original condition and packaging. Returns must be insured
for their full value. All that is required is a prior email authorization by us for the return. Unfortunately, no refund can
be made for the cost of shipping, packaging and handling unless we are at fault. 
Buy this
important half hull model now! It is suitable for a collection of only the rarest and most important.



the incised stations

Bow view, note chip    

Stern quarter

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