Late 19th C. ENGLISH


Presented is a scratch built steam ship
model with raised forecastle, sleek black hull, that is rigged as a three masted schooner with yards on the
foremast and is housed in a glazed wooden case. The maker of this mostly wooden model is unknown by name, but approximately
thirty five years ago we discovered a similar model of a steam ship done in his signature style. This is the first we have
seen since with the same attention to detail and delicate workmanship such as in the tiny figurehead. The hull design is
of a cargo carrying passenger vessel with three holds and two deck houses. It likely dates back to the middle of
the last half of 19th Century when the transition to steam still required that an auxiliary sailing rig be carried. 

The model is sailing on a dark green paper ocean with carefully painted white
caps that give the impression of motion.  There are some age cracks in the paper that are hardly noticeable.
They do not distract.
The interior of the case is artfully painted to resemble a fair weather sky
with numerous cumulus clouds building.

Behind the bowsprit and dolphin striker and carefully carved figurehead,
stem has trailboards with the ship’s name, “VANGUARD” on its raised forecastle.
On deck aft of the foredeck and bowsprit stand two unique light houses with the ships red and green running lights.
Next aft is the foremast, and then a forward hatch aft of the forecastle, next aft, there is the first of two
deck houses with an enclosed pilothouse and flying bridge above that has figures of the helmsman and captain. Aft
of the pilothouse is the boat deck with two port and starboard lifeboats and two smoke stacks in tandem and the ship’s
main mast. Next aft, on the main deck is another cargo hatch with a life boat to either side.a pulling boat over to port
and starboard, and the main mast,. Then comes another deck house with the mizzen in front which is likely the main
dining room and saloon, followed by the ship’s after steering station.
The are numerous miniature examples of deck gear consisting in part
of anchors, binnacles, steering stations, windless, cargo booms, donkey engines, cleats, bollards, running lights, miniature
crew, all crafted by hand to exceptional detail and workmanship.

           Midship section and flying bridge
           After deck house – saloon
THE FLAGS: Flying from the mizzen mast truck
is a streaming red pennant with the British Red Ensign from the gaff head below. From the truck of the foremast fly’s code
flag “P” for what is now referred to as Papa, but historically is referred to as the Blue Peter. It indicates the vessel is
in the process of leaving port. The white flag flying from the mainmast with red cross is the owner’s personal flag and
may indicate an individual or shipping line.
You will not find a nicer sailor made model of an
early American Clipper Ship model, making this an important addition to any serious nautical collection.

Three quarter stern view of ship as she steams past
30 1/4″ L x 3″ B x  11″ H         
24′ Beam  80′ Foremast
CASE: 34″ L x 15 3/4″ H x 7″ D
Weight 11 pounds

CONDITION: The model is exceptional in all respects. The
rigging is taught, all the gear and fittings are in place and nothing is broken or missing. The paper sea has cracked in places
with repairs made. The mast, spars, boom and rigging are all correctly fitted. Considering its age of  the models
condition is as restored. The black painted hull and houses are in exceptional original condition. The overall
appearance of the model is quite remarkable and impressive. This is an example where the object is much nicer looking
than the photos indicate.
The wood case has some marks of age and it facsimile wood paper covering is worn with some pieces
missing . It has its original wavy glass.

It would be best to have this model delivered
by special courier. Consequently, the buyer should make arrangements for packing and shipping using his own forwarding
agent and carrier. For example, shipping can be arranged through LDG Delivery Service for the U.S. East Coast, and certain
cities in Michigan, and Indiana, and periodic trips to California. Contact L. Drew Gerard, for quotes. 561-212-7159,
Email:  [email protected]  If the buyer wishes to use the seller’s facilities for shipment, he shall hold seller harmless for any damages
or loss arising out of their participation. 

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