• USN M1917 Cutlass: LOA 29 3/4″  Grip
    4 3/4″ Width 1 3/8″  Fuller  14 3/4″ x 3/8″  False edge  2 1/4″ Thickness 1/8″
    Weight 1.75 lbs  without scabbard            
    Middle picture
  • M1898 Dutch Hemberg Klewang: LOA 29 1/8″  Grip
    4 3/4″ Width 1 1/4″ Fuller 14 3/4″ x 1/4″ False edge 1 3/4 Thickness 1/8″
    1.63 lbs                                   Bottom

Presented for sale is an exceptional example of a rare U.S.
Navy M1917 Cutlass that closely follows the M1898 Dutch Klewang in specifications. Many believe the Dutch cutlass was
the basis of its design. Both have riveted wooden grips with curved blades and clipped points. The difference is in the half
shell guard in which the Klewang had three cutouts forming branches compared to the M1917’s which was solid. The original
thick, heavy tan leather scabbard, finished in black, is included.

The US Navy Historical Center has this to
“In 1917, the Navy designed and made its own cutlass. Only a few were produced and
it was not issued for service. A beautiful piece with blued metal parts, it featured a curved, grooved blade with a clipped
point. The wooden grips were secured by copper rivets and were painted black, including the rivet-heads. This sword was 29
¾ inches long, of which 24 7/8 inches made up the blade, which was 1 3/8 inches wide at its base. It had a black leather sheath
with brass mountings.“ [Contrary to the above, some of these weapons were known to have been in ship’s arms lockers
at the beginning of WW II and also saw duty in the Pacific Theater of Operations in small numbers.]

The above photo compares the grips and guard of the two so the similarity
is clear. A later version of the M1917 called the M1941 US Navy/Klewang was made by the Milwaukee Saddlery Company
– MILSCO. This company is sometimes referred to as the Military Supply Company which is incorrect.

CONDITION M1917 Cutlass and scabbard: The only marking is U.S.N.
on the obverse ricasso. The bluing is in overall good condition except for one knick or scrape below the fuller
on the obverse side. There is some lightening of it at the point due to rubbing in the scabbard. The false edge is sharp,
but the cutting edge has not been sharpened. The cross hatched, riveted black painted wood handle has been cleaned and in
doing so the paint over the rivets was removed. The guard and grip are tight. The guard has a cutout for a sword
not which is not present and has some minor scratches and loss of bluing mostly on the back with some brown rust
showing. Overall, this cutlass ranks in exceptional condition. The scabbard is heavy brown leather with central stitching
on the reverse with some broken threads towards the brass covered end.

For a discussion on the Dutch M1898 Klewang – Hemberg

For details on the U.S. Navy M1860
cutlass see

For a history of MILSCO, formerly the Milwaukee Saddlery
, the maker of the M1941 US Navy/Klewang see

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