Ca 1920

Presented is a rare first class Ca 1920 Siebe Gorman diving
knife with black Bakelite handle, two edge blade, and a push-in brass scabbard. The leather carrying strap is missing.
The blade is imprinted Siebe Gorman & Co. There is no imprint on the scabbard.

CONDITION: The blade is tight in the grip and it is in overall
perfect condition except for some mottled spotting and graying on the blade. Both edges are sharp.

Knife LOA  13 1/4″ In scabbard 13 7/8″  Grip 5 3/8″ L x 1″ W at max        
Weight total  1 lb 10 oz
In general terms, when no other information is available, Siebe Gorman knives and helmets may
be dated based on how the name is imprinted which recognized changes in the company’s organization structure:
  • Siebe & Gorman             
    Ca 1900 Wood Handle
  • Siebie Gorman & Co.      Ca 1910-20 (this one)
  • Siebe Gorman Co.           Ca 1935 
    Wood Handle
  • Siebe . Gorman & Co.     Ca 1950
  • Siebe Gorman & Co. *     Ca 1950 (anti-magnetic)
  • SIEBE GORMAN            
    Ca 1960

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