Mounted Artillery ~ Ca 1812 Presentation Grade

Presented is a early example of
a bird’s head pommel saber without maker’s mark, but with interesting other proof of identification. It is in near
mint condition with almost all its gilding and bluing remaining, and has its original, two suspension rings, engraved brass
scabbard. Noteworthy descriptors are:

This sword is pictured on page 135, as
item 63e, in the book, “American Swords, from the Philip Medicus Collection”, edited by Stuart C. Mowbray with
an introduction by Flayderman.
Mowbray describes it as: “This Mounted Artillery  Officer’s Saber has a gilded
brass hilt and a curved single edged, 31 inch blade. There is the usual engraving and a finish of blue and gilt with two panels
on each side. Both langets have an oval “shield” with fifteen stars and the words “PARTA TUERI”. The bone grips have a geometric
design. Four raised acorns are on top of the pommel. The gilded scabbard is engraved with scroll and floral patterns and an
eagle and shield in the center. There are no (other) markings.”
The sword that was part of the famous Philip Medicus Collection was
purchased by Norm Flayderman in 1955 and was later sold. As far as we can tell, this one is an exact match,
but the floral engravings on the scabbard slightly differ.
Langet with 15 Star shield marked PARTA TUERI
Dating this sword is easier than many. Two stars were added to the American
flag in 1795, representing Kentucky and Vermont, bringing the total number to 15. The 15 star flag flew over Fort McHenry
during the War of 1812 and inspired the writing of the National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. This number lasted until
1818, when Congress authorized 5 more stars for the then new States, and limited the stripes to the thirteen original colonies.
It is fair to say this saber was made between 1796 and 1818.

There are quite a few definitions for “PARTA TUERI” which is Latin. Some of the
most appropriate are “Defend my property” or “Fight for my property”, “Defend what’s mine” or might it be, “Defend my Rights”?

The saber’s sharply curved blade’s is 1 3/16″ wide, and is 35 inches
long overall in the scabbard. This indicates it was for a mounted officer. On the center section of the blade
is a decidedly American heraldic engraving comprised of a gilded American Shield, Flag, Cannon barrel and Oak leaves.
It is in such remarkable condition
and rarity that it will make a perfect choice for the astute collector who seeks only the finest and is prepared to pay a
commensurate price.
DIMENSIONS: Saber 34 1/4″
long overall. 29 1/2″ blade length
In scabbard 35″                                  Sword
 1 lbs 8 oz
Max width of blade 1 3/16″   Max thickness 1/4″
Fuller 3/4″ W x 20 1/2″ L      Bluing
16″ L



CONDITION: The brass elements of the hilt and scabbard have
most of the gilding remaining. The blade is firm in the hilt. It has some mild spotting on its lower length. The ferule
is loose, but secure in its place. The cattle bone grips have a geometric design and there are chips at the pommel end. The
grip has a nice mellow patina. The bluing, gold gilding and silvering on the blade are about 98
percent present, but slightly faded. The etched designs are of American Heraldry consisting of a gilded American
Shield, Flag, Cannon barrel and Oak leaves with other sprayed foliage.
The scabbard has almost all its gilding. The obverse has an engraved floral
design on its upper half with the American eagle cartouche centered. The lower end has an engraved geometric design in the
shape of a lightning bolt while the reverse is plain its entire length. The drag is flat around the tip. There are some
dings and dents with one on each side of the lower suspension ring being the most prominent.

This is a very rare example of a presentation grade War of 1812 saber.
     Close up of  gilded American Shield, Flag, Cannon barrel and Oak

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