Mounted on a Mahogany stand which displays
this vintage model as a work of maritime art.
Presented is a scratch built motor launch made using traditional
plank on frame construction. All the planks are laid using the same methods as on a real vessel. The 
planks are called “strakes” on frames or ribs that are mounted crosswise. The forward area is open for fair weather
and has a canvas cover over. There is an enclosed cabin with large windows available for when the weather becomes chilly
or rains. The rounded stern helped increase speed and reduced wake, but the 
design is more costly to build and gives up space aft. Because of costs, the streamlined shape of
the stern lost its appeal and gave way to square sterns.

The model was made in England, maybe as early as the 1920’s
to commemorate a Thames River passenger launch named Evelyn that plied the river either as an excursion boat or a water taxi.
It was shipped here from England in 2007.

The Thames is a major river flowing through southern England. While best known because its lower reaches
flow through central London, the river flows through several other towns and cities, including Oxford, Reading and Windsor.

The river gives its name to the Thames Valley, a region of England centred around the river between
Oxford and West London, the Thames Gateway, the area centred around the tidal Thames, and the Thames Estuary to the east of

To read about the River Thames and see photographs of its long history, click here!

Note planking detail, and streamlined stern

        Finely made propeller and rudder
Steering station
Skylight over engine
Length overall  24 3/4″      Length
on deck
 23 1/4″      Beam 5 1/2″
Height 7 1/4″                       
  7 lbs                         
  25 3/4“ L x 7 3/4 W x 3/4“ H

Buy as a work of art. It is truly a masterpiece, and makes a
beautiful display.


Overhead view of finely shaped hull


CONDITION: This is a hand made model, and
is in excellent condition considering its age. There is some minor staining on the canopy. What you see is a mellowed
state of aging with an excellent patina. This is a fine, high quality model which is a work of maritime art  that
anyone will be proud to display. There is a simple plastic cover (not photographed) which acts as a dust shield
which is included.

Model of the Thames River Motor Launch, “Evelyn“

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