With rare Sam Huse, Newburyport imprint

Presented is an Ames short sword with a nicely polished blade
and its original scabbard. It resembles a Roman infantry sword. It was first made as the Model 1832 and issued to regular
artillery regiments and infantry. The Ames short sword appeared in their catalog as Number 350. This example is
complete and in excellent condition without regard to its 177 year age and years of service.

Many of these sword are found without
their scabbards or with replacement scabbards. This example is completely original and in near perfect condition and with
special markings
SPECIAL IMPRINT: This sword was made in 1833 in Springfield,
MA before the factory moved to the nearby town of Cabotville which later became part of the new town of Chicopee.
Because the Ames foundry was not fully functional, the brass work was contracted to Sam Huse of Newburyport. Under the
leather washer, below the Year 1833, in very small letters, is S. HUSE over Newburyport imprint. Sam Huse made the
brass work on the Ames swords for the years 1832, 33, & 34 since Ames still did not have his brass foundry operational.
Hence the Huse markings on the crossguard. In later years Ames`s son married Huse`s daughter. This
makes this an even rarer example of this style Ames’ sword and perfect for a collection of only the finest.
 Sam Huse’s Newburyport mark on crossguard
The blade is 1 1/4″ wide at the hilt and 19″ long. There is a long
wide “fuller”, starting 1/2″ above the point that is 10 1/2″ long above which are two parallel fullers 3 1/4″ long. The
three fullers are 3/8″ wide. The hilt is 5 3/8″ long, 1 1/2 wide and 7/8″ thick. The entire hilt is cast brass.
The grip is molded with a decoration that looks like fish scales. The quillions is a straight cross. There is an American
eagle with shield imprint on both sides of the pommel.
The original scabbard is black leather with a brass throat band and tip. There is
a stud on the reverse side to attach it to a frog.
ALL IMPRINTS: With the passing of time and use, the Ames imprint has
been worn down, but still partially readable on the obverse end of blade near the hilt, “Ames”
and the tip of the eagle wing imprint. C
learly remaining on the reverse is the year “1833”. S. Huse over
Newburyport appears on the crossguard.
            Imprint, “…AMES“
Tip of wing
  Year 1833.
Because it was shorter and lighter than the heavier swords of the time, it was readily adopted
at sea because it was more easily carried and used on the crowed ship’s decks or in the rigging.

              Complete with original scabbard

CONDITION: Considering its age and use, this is a near perfect example
which is in excellent near “mint” condition. The blade has a high polish and only a few grey spots and other very tiny spots
of corrosion. All three rivets are in place. The original scabbard’s leather has some age cracks and a couple of missing
surface pieces. However, it is in excellent overall condition. The blade is solid in its handle.
  Crossguard & leather washer

  Both sides of near perfect three fuller polished blade
Handle   5 3/8″ L x 7/8″ W x 1 1/2″ H
Blade   19″ L x 1 1/4″ W x 1/4″ T at widest    LOA 24 3/8″
Weight   1 Pound 14 ounces
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 This sword is complete and in near perfect condition. They are very scarce and should appeal to the most sophisticated collector who desires the best

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