Presented is a large antique builder’s model
most likely of a schooner or brig that was used in the coastwise trade. Half Hulls were carefully hand carved, and incorporated
the latest in the designer’s knowledge of which shape produced the fastest and most seaworthy vessel for the type cargo to
be carried. They were made to loft the lines of a large size sailing vessel as the first step in the building process, or
as a presentation piece or of a record of the accomplishment to be displayed by the builder as a sales tool.
A comparison of various half hulls can trace the evolution
of sailing craft design. This one shows a slightly aft raked blunt bow, flat floor and sharply rounded bilge. This is typical
of a hull design for maximum cargo. The evidence of speed is the large amount of deadrise aft and the hollow sections of
the keel. The half hull looks strong and sturdy as would be the actual ship.

Authentic, old, half hulls  are much admired, eagerly sought after, and the real ones
in very limited supply.
CONSTRUCTION: This half hull is constructed of nine lifts
of wood. The lifts were not made to be taken apart so that this was made, likely by the builder, as a record of their work.

PROVENANCE: This was purchased in New England.

The ship model is  55″ L x 7 1/4″ Depth
x 6 1/8″ (1/2 Beam)
The backboard is  63 1/2″ L x 14″ H x 1″ T         
Weight 38 pounds.

CONDITION: The half hull is in near original condition, with very few
imperfections. The Pine hull has three knots. 
The backboard is original.There are a few dings
and scratches, all very minor and not too noticeable.
Buy this antique builder’s
half hull model now! It is a great gift or wonderful addition to your office, den or family room.

Stern Section
Bow Section
Bow looking aft
looking forward

An interesting large builder’s model of a New England Coasting Sailing Vessel of the late
19th Century in original condition.

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