Iron Annie Airplane Model

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JUNKERS JU 52 “Iron Annie” Airplane Model Larger Size

Custom Quality,
Larger Size ~ A New Launching
DIMENSIONS 39″ Wing Span x
5 3/4″ H x 2 3/4″ W           Shipping Weight 9 lb Stand
10” H x 5 3/4″ W x 9″

Using frame and rib construction, it is designed and built
in the same fashion as the real planes. It has corrugated aluminum skin on the wings, fuselage, and control surfaces,
i.e. ailerons, rudder, and elevator. The attention to detail is unparalleled. The nacelles are of made of spun aluminum, and
the doors and hatches use aluminum sheets, the cockpit and all windows are accurately replicated. The engine’s propellers
spin. Everything is accurate to the original. Though hard to see, there are even passenger seats in the compartment and a
seat for the pilot and co-pilot with two instrument consoles in the cockpit.

DIMENSIONS are 39″ wingspan, Fuselage 26 1/2″ long, 2
3/4″ wide 5 3/4“ high.   Famous Tri-motor configuration     Massive wings and extended ailerons
Real to Life engines
A classic design even for the 1930s, but with a low wing The Junkers JU 52, “Iron Annie”, was a transport
aircraft made from 1932 to 1945. It followed the Ford Tri-motor, nicknamed “The Tin Goose,” which is
also in our collection. The original Tri-Motor was the first three-engine., corrugated aluminum, civil
transport aircraft produced starting in 1925 by Henry Ford. See

production was shortly discontinued in 1933 due to advancements in aircraft design. The JU 52 only had a top speed
of 165 MPH. In a civilian role, it flew, as a seventeen-seat passenger liner, with over 12 air carriers including Swissair
and Lufthansa as an airliner and freight hauler. In a military role, it flew with the Luftwaffe as a troop
and cargo transport. In limited use, it served as a light bomber, mainly in Spain and Crete. Surprisingly, the Ju 52 continued
in postwar service with military and civilian air fleets well into the 1980s while the Ford lasted as third-level airline until
the 1960s. As of 2008, there were eight airworthy Ju 52 remaining in operation, four of which operate pleasure
flights from Düsseldorf airport in Germany and eight static displays in museums worldwide, three of which are in the
United States
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Junkers Ju 52: built: 4,845 Produced in Germany through 1945; France 1947; and Spain 1952 General characteristics:
Crew: 3 (two pilots, radio operator) Capacity:17 passengers
Length: 18.90 m (62 ft 0 in)
Wingspan 29.25 m (95 ft 10 in)
Height: 4.5 m (14 ft 10 in)
Wing area: 110.5 m² (1,190 ft²)
Max takeoff weight: 10,990 kg (24,200 lb)
Empty Weight: 6,510 kg (14,325 lb)
Loaded weight: 9,200 kg (20,270 lb)
Power plant: 3× BMW 132T radial engines, 533 kW (715 hp) each

Performance Maximum speed:265 km/h (165 mph) at sea level
Cruise speed: 211 km/h (132 mph)
Range: 870 km (540 mi)
Service ceiling: 5,490 m (18,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 17 minutes to 3,050 m (10,000 ft)

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