Guaranteed Authentic

Steel & Brass                                    
No Markings
Weight 3 lbs 15 oz                             
Made 20th Century  
Overall Dimension
knife 15“              
Blade 8” x 1 1/8” x 1/4”       
Hilt 4
5/8“ x 1 1/4“  x 1 1/4”                  Sheath 10
3/8“ L x 1 3/4“ Dia

Presented is an unmarked, very rare, French WW II dive knife. Knives of this type are rarely
seen and are highly prized. We were lucky to obtain this one from the estate of a long standing Boston collector of high quality
nautical antiques who had a reputation for seeking quality and rarity. This one has a wonderful patina in military olive tones
of green from light on the grip to darker on the sheath. The brass is all in excellent condition. The blade has considerable
black spots and pitting on both sides, and may be an old replacement.
there is little documented information as to when these knives were made and who manufactured them. Antique
and vintage diving expert and author, Leon Lyons believes they date to WW II or earlier.

The knife is designed to screw into the top 3/8 inch of
a cast brass sheath which is threaded to hold it securely, and which allows it to be easily and quickly removed. The
upper edge of the knife blade is flat and the lower edge has a very sharp edge. 

A highly desirable and
rare very rare French dive knife for the collector or for use.

Obverse side of blade and hilt

in threads on knife and in sheath

CONDITION: The patina is military
olive green and varies from dark to light on the grip. Considering its age, everything is in very good condition
and tight. The blade has a sharp edge and very small black speckling and and some pitting. There are some light marks
from use. A highly desirable piece.
& PACKING to 48 contiguous States, $20.00

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